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Georgia Tech Football: Likely Case Season Scenarios

Here’s what we really think will happen.

Georgia v Georgia Tech Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

So we had fun earlier this week with our best and worst-case scenarios, but now, let’s take a look at what we really think will happen this season.

Ben: Realistically, I see Tech winning five or six games. They should start 2-0. From there, I think they can realistically win three or four conference games. Specifically, I think Tech can beat Duke, Pitt, Virginia, Virginia Tech and/or Boston College. As far as recruiting goes, I think a Top 35 class is conceivable, with the potential to be a bit higher if Tech has a good season.

Robert: Vegas, the computer models, and the eye test agree that 5 wins is very clearly the median season outcome for GT this year. It’s an easy path to see: start with 2 wins and then 2 comfortable losses; split the October stretch, and win 1 in the brutal November finish. The overall profile show progress but still lags behind the better years under CPJ. The recruiting class holds together and finishes 35th nationally, and 2022 lurks as the year to make a leap.

Jake: I think five wins are likely. That shows real improvement, especially against this schedule, and could very well point the arrow upwards for 2022. I think there is a path to a bowl, too, if thing break the right way.

Jeff: Five wins will be the middle ground. Georgia Tech beats NIU, Kennesaw, Duke, Virginia, and Pitt. They put up good efforts against the other middle tier teams and don’t get totally ran off the field by the blue bloods. Gibbs has a season that gets him in the mix for ACC Offensive Player of the Year.

Logan: 6-6 Loss to Clemson, uga, UNC, Miami, ND, and one other team. We go to the Fenway Bowl in Boston. No fans are present at that game and we lose to a talented team from the American conference. Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Ohio State are in the CFP. the Final game is between Oklahoma and Clemson, and Clemson takes the matchup. The majority of GT fans will have no opinion on the playoff outcome.

Austin: Right off the bat I’m at 5 wins and 4 losses: NIU, KSU, Pitt, Duke, and a late season home game against BC, with the L’s coming against everyone with a number next to their name. The hype surrounding the UNC game will be real: CGC will begin each morning of UNC week with a rebel yell from the top of Stone Mountain about playing in a PROFESSIONAL STADIUM. Heck, we might even get a new jersey out of the deal, or the Black Watch. The team will come out firing, but simply be outgunned. That leaves at UVA after our bye, and then home against Virginia Tech. Coming off a bye feels like it should give us the advant....UVA has Duke the week before, it’s a push. We lose in a close one. VT gets our wrath the following week. 6-6. Gibbs takes 2 kicks to the house and finishes 2nd team All-ACC.

Drew: I’m joining the crowd at 5 wins. The team will be improved in a lot of areas, particularly the offensive and defensive lines. The advanced stats will look a lot better, but with 5 top-15 teams on the schedule it won’t translate into many wins. Tech will have a ton of returning production (again) in 2022 which will lead to them being a trendy breakout pick next season.

Gibbs is amazing and All-ACC first team. Recruiting is just okay again.

Chris: 5-7 or 6-6 feels pretty reasonable to me. NIU and Kennesaw should be relatively easy wins while Clemson, UGA, and Notre Dame aren’t even close. Outside of Clemson, Miami, and UNC there really isn’t anyone to be scared of on our conference schedule so I think 3-5 conference wins is a reasonable expectation (5 might be pushing it though).

Carter: Guess what, y’all: we’re in for another rough season. The simple fact of the matter is Tech is done no favors whatsoever by its schedule. Even with the Coastal, there aren’t a whole lot of wins there. The key will be how Georgia Tech loses this year, not how many times. If the Jackets can limit the number of games they lose by 40.... 50.... or 60+, that’s a good sign of progress. (Something something lowered expectations.) Expect 4 or 5 wins; a bowl would be excellent.