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Georgia Tech Football: First Above the Line Chart Released

Looks like we have somewhat of an idea of who will be playing!

Georgia Tech v Boston College Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

I have to say, it feels great knowing that Georgia Tech is playing football on Saturday, and what makes that feel even more real is the fact that we have an Above the Line chart now! Since Tech doesn’t use a traditional depth chart, this is the best we’re going to get before seeing who comes out on Saturday.

Looking at this, here are some things that stand out (h/t to the FTRS staff for what we talked about in our Slack channel just now):

  • Interesting to see Wing Green listed on the OL. Didn’t realize he was doing that well in camp.
  • Seven WR is a strangely small number, makes me think we won’t see a ton of four-wide sets.
  • Is that a typo or is Malik Rutherford actually 138 pounds?
  • Peery not being listed is interesting, but maybe they want to get him more reps on the development team
  • No Bruce Jordan-Swilling at RB is disappointing, though maybe he’s out due to injury (note: this is speculation)
  • Trenilyas Tatum at LB!!!!!!
  • The kicker situation feels like we’re setting up for a riff on those old Oregon joke shirts: “Four kickers. Zero field goals made.”
  • Keion White is also not listed at DE, which makes sense as he had a previously reported injury.

Now, I’m going to do my best to give you a projected starting 11 on both sides. Keep in mind, this is purely a guess, and I don’t know how Tech will line up.

QB - Jeff Sims

RB - Jahmyr Gibbs

WR - Malachi Carter, Adonicas Sanders, Kyric McGowan

TE - Dylan Deveney or Dylan Leonard

OL - Devin Cochran, Kenny Cooper, Mike Minihan, Ryan Johnson, Jordan Williams (h/t to Oldgoldandwhite for pointing out the AJC mentioning this)

DE - Kevin Harris and Jordan Domineck (I would also say expect a lot of rotation here)

DT - Djimon Brooks and TK Chimedza

LB - Quez Jackson and Ayinde Eley (Charlie Thomas if they use a third)

CB - Zamari Walton and Myles Sims

Nickel - Tre Swilling

S - Juanyeh Thomas and Tariq Carpenter

After seeing the ATL chart, who do you think plays this weekend?