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Georgia Tech Football: Best-Case Season Scenarios

Let’s put on some gold-colored glasses!

NCAA Football: College Football Playoff National Championship-Champions Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Happy game week! Since it’s the last week of the offseason, we’re going to wrap things up by putting on our Gold-Colored Glasses and talk about our best-case scenarios for the season!

Ben: I think the realistic best-case scenario sees Tech going 8-4 with losses to Clemson, UGA, Notre Dame and UNC. In this scenario, Tech just misses out on the ACC Championship Game but secures a spot in a bowl game and pulls off a victory. The success of the season also means that the recruiting class has a strong finish.

Robert: Typing with trepidation...Coastal Chaos Champs? The best case rides on Jeff Sims taking the leap, the defense maximizing its talent, and Coastal Chaos reigning. It looks something like 8-4, with losses to Clemson, UGA, ND, and either UNC or Miami, followed by another ACCCG loss to Clemson and a Cheez-It Bowl appearance. Bonus: The proof of concept on the field leads to a couple of late recruiting wins and a top 25 class.

Jake: CFP champions. Am I supposed to be “realistic” in my best case scenario? If so, I think that base case scenario involves surprising Miami or UNC or both and winding up in Charlotte the first weekend in December. We’re certainly bowl bound if that happens, too.

Chris: We are currently scheduled to play 7 unranked opponents. Any best-case scenario involves beating all of them because none of them are good. Of the remaining ranked opponents I think Clemson, UGA, and Notre Dame are still well out of our league but we could probably steal a game from an overhyped Miami and/or UNC. Let’s put our ceiling at 9-3 then.

Jeff: Eight wins is a good ceiling in the regular season for this team and schedule. They take wins against all teams not ranked in the preseason polls and I could see an upset of UNC. The Tar Heels could regress with all their offensive weapons for Howell gone. Clemson, Uga, and Notre Dame are still a bit too much and I think Miami takes a step and wins the Coastal but Tech finishes in a respectable second. They earn a bowl bid to the Dukes Mayo Bowl and steal a win over a really good Ole Miss team.

Drew: The Yellow Jackets get 8 wins. They beat all the worst teams on the schedule and get an upset to stop the Bulldogs from having a shot at the playoffs. Jeff Sims looks solid and a future star. Jahmyr Gibbs is one of the best running backs in the country. The defense finally succumbs to Geoff Collins’ coaching and is tenacious. There’s a kicker who can hit a field goal. Going into 2022 Tech fans dream of the Top 10.

Carter: You’re going to need to believe in miracles to believe Georgia Tech will do better than scraping bowl eligibility this year, and.... *checks article title* this is just the place for that. A lot of hope relies on several units making a big (but expected) leap, but for me, everything hinges on Jeff Sims. Being thrust into the starting QB role as an 18 year old during a global pandemic is an unenviable position to say the least, but hopefully taking a mulligan is just what everyone hopes he needed. There are a couple of games on the schedule vs. playoff contenders Georgia Tech simply won’t win this year. Forget about those, and 8-9 wins sounds pretty great.

Logan: 9-3 with a win against UNC and have losses to georgia, ND, and Clemson. For the observant, this would put us in place to play against Clemson again in the ACC Championship. Due to a COVID issue with Clemson the tigers are forced to forfeit, meaning we are the ACC Champions by default. unfortunately Clemson still ends up voted into the CFP, but the tigers do take down georgia so we don’t need to worry about the dwags winning the playoff. I’d be pretty happy with that season.