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Back Seat Coachin’: Georgia 45 - Georgia Tech 0

It was clean old-fashioned dominance in Atlanta on Saturday for the Dawgs against the Jackets.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets were shutout for the second week in a row, this time by the Georgia Bulldogs in Clean Old-Fashioned Hate. The Bulldogs emerged victorious by a final score of 45-0 at Bobby Dodd Stadium. UGA moves on to the SEC Championship Game against the Alabama Crimson Tide. On the other sideline, the Jackets are 3-9 and miss a bowl game for the third year in a row under Geoff Collins.

On the dash

The Jackets finished 5-of-14 on 3rd downs against UGA, but failed to convert on two 4th down attempts. UGA on the other hand only had to convert five 3rd downs and picked up two of five.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Neither squad turned the ball over on Saturday afternoon, which was a solid sign for the Jackets on offense, but they weren’t going to beat the Dawgs without a turnover or three on defense.

Georgia was not penalized once all game, GT was only penalized four times for 38 yards. GT had a better kicking performance than against Notre Dame. The Jackets averaged 44 yards per punt, but did allow UGA to make all seven of their kicks.

GT offense

I applaud the guts of Jordan Yates against both Notre Dame and the UGA defenses that he faced, but 4.3 yards per pass attempt just won’t get the job done against big time opposition. UGA dominated the Tech offensive line, finishing the game with three sacks, eight tackles for loss, and three hurries.

Dontae Smith and Jordan Mason both ran for 59 yards a piece. Smith ran for 5.9 yards per carry while Mason ran for 4.2. Jahmyr Gibbs ran the ball twice for one yard. Gibbs was injured and didn’t return for the second half.

Only four Jackets caught a pass on Saturday, and Dylan Leonard averaged 21.5 after hauling in a 40 yard reception.

Above- How is GT still this bad at the simple things? If it’s not a pre-snap penalty, it’s a low snap. A low snap kills the timing of the play and results in Yates running for his life.

Above- I love a good screen. It looks like the Q is reading the swing back to the screen, too. When the overhang defender goes with the swing, flip and throw the screen.

Above- Yates holds on a little too long. He’s hit right after he throws. Drops one in for the explosive reception. UGA is obviously light years faster than GT.

GT defense

Tech’s defense was also abysmal against UGA. The Jackets managed only one sack, two TFL’s, and not a single hurry. GT has been unable to get consistent pressure on offenses since destroying UNC’s offensive line in the upset victory over the Tar Heels.

Stetson Bennett carved up the Jackets defensive backs averaging 12.8 yards per pass attempt and throwing four TD’s. Six Dawgs had double-digit yards per catch, including Brock Bowers 77 yard reception.

UGA’s offense was mainly one explosive play after another. Kenny McIntosh averaged 33 yards per carry with a TD, as the Bulldogs ran for 208 yards on 6.7 yards per carry.

Above- D-Line whooped, holes in the coverage, and a missed tackle. I never want to ‘celebrate’ someone being fired but it’s obviously time to move on from many assistants in Atlanta.

Above- UGA’s left tackle with an obvious, uncalled hold. But that isn’t why the Jackets defender is absolutely smoldered here for a TD. Visual-cognitive-motor skill work has to be done, to go along with peak power and speed in the off-season program. No more oily biceps poses, please.

Above- Todd Monken, the UGA OC, knows that rub routes have been money against GT in the red zone. UGA runs a simple rub concept and it goes for a TD from the +11.

Above- I hate to be a broken record, but- there’s no pass rush, Bennett rips one through a couple of defenders, GT takes bad angles and looks slow... UGA gets an explosive TD.

Above- Red zone fades are kinda bogus, but if you’re going to run one, do it:

1- on 1st down (instead of the all too common 3rd down) and

2- against a team with bad cornerback play.

Above- UGA with a simple truck toss from the ‘gun and the GT safety never shows to fill the alley. The linebackers are easily blocked. The DL is bullied by the UGA O-Line.

In the rearview

Changes are obviously coming on staff at GT. OC Coach Patendaude, Cornerbacks coach Jeff Popovich and safeties coach Nate Burton have been dismissed. Rumors are floating that DC Andrew Thacker will be reassigned. Tech finished the ‘21 regular season 94th overall in SP+, 81st on offense, 103rd on defense, 104th in kicking and 66th in penalties.

Changes were going to have to come with three consecutive three-win seasons. There was no way that Geoff Collins could keep this staff together heading into 2022. Will these dismissals lead to less injuries, GT not being out ran against every team, and looking so much less powerful in the trenches? I doubt it. But the defensive back play has been horrid, the tackling almost as bad, and the offense needs an identity.

Looking ahead- GT currently has the 22nd ranked recruiting class in the country, and 5th in the ACC. That class is led by Lee County High School linebacker Jaron Willis. Willis is a four-star that looks like a plug-and-play freshman that will start right away at six-foot-two, 228 pounds.