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GAMETHREAD: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. Boston College Eagles

Let’s go!

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Clemson Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, it’s time to do the thing!

As always, play nice in the comments and Go Jackets!

Score Predictions

Ben: Boston College wins 33-24. I really wish I thought Georgia Tech was going to win this game, but the addition of Phil Jurkovec to BC’s offense is enough that I don’t have confidence in Tech to win this game.

Carter: Boston College wins 24-7. Hey, Geoff Collins: the Jurk store called, they’re running out of you!

Robert: Boston College wins 31-28.

Jake G.: Georgia Tech wins 31-28. This team has shown a remarkable knack for hanging around when they shouldn’t have any reason to not be down several scores. This is the time it’ll work.

Stephen: Boston College wins 41-29. Late garbage time touchdown plus a Philly special to get to 29.

Jake P.: Boston College wins 28-24. Georgia Tech can’t finish close games. With Jurkovec back, I expect BC to pull this one out.