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GAMETHREAD: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. Duke Blue Devils

Let’s do this!

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Duke James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Happy gameday! If you’re up in Durham, be sure you’re staying dry. This should hopefully be a fun game!

As always, play nice in the comments and GO JACKETS!!!

Game Predictions

Ben: Duke wins 28-27. So I’ve noticed that Georgia Tech has only won a single game that I’ve predicted they would here, so I’m hoping to use some weird reverse psychology to will Tech to victory this week. The key to victory will be containing Duke running back Mataeo Durant.

Jake P.: Georgia Tech wins 31-21. I really don’t think Duke is good at all. As long as Tech contains Mataeo Durant, dook shouldn’t be a challenge for the Jackets.

Jake G.: Georgia Tech wins 24-14. This is going to be a grind it out game. Duke’s offense is good enough to put up at least some points, but I don’t see their defense as able to keep the breaks on a bounce-back-minded Tech squad.

Robert: Georgia Tech wins 35-28.

Carter: On paper, this is a game Georgia Tech should win. But the last time Georgia Tech played an FBS opponent they should have beaten, they didn’t. In fact, playing to the opposite of expectation has pretty much been the theme for Georgia Tech football so far this year. They should have beaten NIU - they didn’t. They should have been demolished by Clemson - they lost a heartbreaker. They should have lost to UNC - they demolished the Heels. They should have beaten Pitt - they got demolished themselves. So why predict this game? The Blue Devils lost by 31 points last week, and that team lost by 23 points to the team they’re about to play. Their only wins are against an FCS team and the perennial doormats of two other conferences. Cutcliffe may be on his way out after what has inarguably been the best run for Duke football in the modern era. But the Blue Devils have won 5 of the last 7 games in the series, and they weren’t the better team in all of those. Last year’s edition wasn’t one of those aforementioned five wins, but Georgia Tech also hasn’t won in Durham since 2013. Could I apply more logic to this situation? Sure, but so far logic doesn’t seem to apply to this football team, so it feels like a wasted effort. Show me something in this game. Give me a reason to care again. Otherwise, why bother?

Jeff: Georgia Tech wins 30-14. Duke got man handled by UNC who isn’t very good. So I am going to use the transitive property and say Tech wins this one pretty easily. We need this one or the rest of the season looks toast.

Austin: Georgia Tech wins 35-24. We deploy the gameplan we should have used against Pitt and it works! Throw the ball, attack the edges, get DS4 the ball and we win. Limiting turnovers helps keep things even early, and the D is able to settle in and keep Durant from gaining any real traction. Tech gets back on track