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Beyond the Flats: Tevin Washington

A steady hand now looks to bring balance to Atlanta.

Georgia Tech v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

In this weekly feature, we’ll take a look at what Tech’s finest are up to since leaving the Institute. This week, we focus on Tevin Washington.

Following the prolific career of Joshua Nesbitt and the transfer of Jaybo Shaw, Georgia Tech was left with an unknown at quarterback. Into the void stepped Tevin Washington, a soft spoken yet steady leader who often surprised fans and opponents alike with his option prowess. Tevin was a selfless player who deferred to his teammates rather than demanding the credit and spotlight. However, he also knew when to take the reins and guide the Jackets to some truly magical performances, including an upset of #5 Clemson in 2011.

Tevin’s heart was undeniable. His performance at u(sic)ga in 2010 was inspiring, and there’s a reason he eventually broke Nesbitt’s TD record: Tevin was unafraid to dive between 300+ lb. linemen and sacrifice himself in pursuit of pay dirt. But even more than his game, Tevin’s commitment off the field has always been admirable. A prime example: rather than take the easy route and leave one class for his senior season, Washington chose to honor a promise he’d made to his family to graduate in four years, and entered his senior season as a graduate student.

Tevin returned to the Institute as a graduate assistant while he pursued his Master’s in Building Construction Facilities Management and now, much as he showed as GT’s quarterback, is living out the mantra “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” For Washington, construction projects are not just about pouring concrete and paving sidewalks. They are about uplifting communities and ensuring greater access and inclusion.

Featured recently on ATL26 with Sam Crenshaw, Washington spoke about the relationship he has forged with ATLDOT Commissioner and GT Alumnus Josh Rowan. Washington has held an important role in the City’s ‘Vision Zero’ campaign for increased accessibility, including recent ATLDOT projects on Spring Street, Decatur Avenue, and the MLK Corridor. The addition of bike lanes, bike buffers, and controlled crossings aims to provide safer and more sustainable travel options for those without cars, and Tevin knows firsthand not only the potential impacts, but also the inner workings of such projects.

Already a two-time Georgia Tech graduate, Tevin Washington is currently pursuing his MBA at GT as he looks to maintain his strong connection to Georgia Tech and the City of Atlanta. He has his work cut out, as while the City of Atlanta has made great inroads in improving transportation, it still has far to go. Great work Tevin, looking forward to following your career and seeing your name tied to even greater and more impactful projects.