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Georgia Tech Football: 2021 Schedule Released

Let’s hope it’s the only schedule to be released this time!

Well boys and girls, the 2021 football schedule has arrived!

So my first thought when Isee this is that while it has its moments where it’s a tough schedule, this actually does seem like it’s as bad as it could be. Let’s go game with some early predictions!

Game 1 - Sept. 4 vs. Northern Illinois

This game should be a pretty easy win (hopefully).

Game 2 - Sept. 11 vs. Kennesaw State

I am scared to death of this game. Tech previously lost to The Citadel in 2019. KSU also runs the option, and I’m not convinced Tech’s defense can stop it. I’ll still mark this as a win for now, though, because Power Five teams shouldn’t lose to FCS teams.

Game 3 - Sept. 18 @ Clemson

You know, I feel weirdly optimist—lol yeah right. We aren’t winning this one.

Game 4 - Sept. 25 vs. North Carolina

I think Tech is closer to North Carolina than they were a couple years ago, but I’m not ready to call this one a toss-up quite yet.

Game 5 - Oct. 2 vs. Pitt

Eat [Styx] Pitt. Right now, I’d say this is a toss-up. Pitt has had Tech’s number lately, but I don’t know that they are really that much better of a team.

Game 6 - Oct. 9 vs. Duke

I feel good about this one. Duke is not really a good team anymore, and I don’t think Cutcliffe makes it past this year. Personally, I would love for this to be the game to seal that.

Game 7 - Oct. 23 @ Virginia

Why do we have to play in Charlottesville? Nothing good ever happens there. This is a toss-up.

Game 8 - Oct. 30 vs. Virginia Tech

As much of a dumpster fire as Virginia Tech has been this offseason, Georgia Tech should win this game, but it’s still a toss-up.

Game 9 - Nov. 6 @ Miami

This game depends on the health of D’Eriq King in my opinion. I don’t think Miami has that great of a team, and Manny Diaz isn’t a good coach. King is very good, however, and I don’t think Tech’s defense can stop him. So, I’ll call this a toss-up but leaning towards a loss.

Game 10 - Nov. 13 vs. Boston College

I don’t know much about Boston College, so I don’t really know what to make of this game. This game went horribly last year, so I’ll call this one a toss-up.

Game 11 - Nov. 20 @ Notre Dame

We aren’t winning this one short of a miracle.

Game 12 - Nov. 27 vs. Georgia

See above.


So that would come out to a final record of somewhere between 3-9 and probably 7-5, so I think a bowl game is certainly doable this year, but they will need to win some of these toss-up games.

Other observations:

  • Having a full offseason will be tremendous for this team. Tech relied on true freshmen and quite a few positions without a full offseason. Having that experience will be nothing but beneficial.
  • The MBS Madness whatever thing won’t be announced until later, but the press release did say it would be an ACC game, so if I have to pick, I think I would go with the Virginia Tech game. It’s a winnable rivalry game, and that could be fun.
  • Thankfully, all games are being played on Saturdays this year, so no Thursday, Friday or Monday night games.
  • Interestingly, no ACC team has a bye week before playing Tech this year. (Ed. Note: quick addendum here: While no team has a bye week before playing Tech, Boston College plays a Friday night game the week before, and Pitt plays an FCS team the week before.)

What are your early thoughts and record predictions for 2021?