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Why the 2020 Season Will Be Different for Georgia Tech: The Offensive Line Won’t be a Disaster

An improved offensive line could improve Tech’s offense by leaps and bounds this season

Pittsburgh v Georgia Tech Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Now, I’ll be honest, I had the idea to write this article when we all thought that Devin Cochran was going to be taking over at left tackle. Now, even despite Cochran deciding not to join the team, I think Georgia Tech’s offensive line still has a chance to improve, and along with it, the offense as a whole.

With Cochran out of the picture, the only true addition to the offensive line is Tennessee transfer Ryan Johnson who will be fitting in at one of the guard positions. While I think he will be a solid addition, it will take more than just one person to fix the offensive line.

But it’s the offensive line that will be key to the success of Georgia Tech’s offense this year.

While quarterback may be up in the air, Tech seems pretty set at both running back (with Jordan Mason, Jamious Griffin and Jahmyr Gibbs) and wide receiver (Jalen Camp, Adonicas Sanders, Ahmarean Brown, Malachi Carter and more!), but the offensive line caused a few issues last season.

So why do I think the offensive line will be better this year?

Well, most of it is just optimism. I hope the offensive line in Year 2 under Brent Key will be better. Another part is that, like a lot of the rest of the offense, I don’t think it can get much worse.

Georgia Tech allowed just over 2 sacks per game last year and had a stuff rate of 0.22 (104th out of 130). Neither of those is particularly great, but it can’t get much worse than that.

Another key addition is true freshman Jordan Williams, who has impressed thus far and could find himself as the starter come Saturday.

So call it a gut feeling, call it blind optimism, but I think we will see an improved offensive line this year, which will help Tech’s three-headed rushing attack and whoever ends up passing the ball for the Yellow Jackets, which should translate over into the win column.

What are you hoping to see from the offensive line this year?