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Georgia Tech Football: The ACC announces modified schedule

This year will certainly be a lot different!

Well, it looks like I’ll have to re-work the rest of the 100 Days to Kickoff schedule. The ACC has announced that they are going to attempt to have a season this year, albeit with a modified schedule.

Instead of playing its originally planned schedule, Georgia Tech will now be playing 11 games this season, with 10 of those being ACC match-ups. The schedule features home games against Duke, Clemson, Louisville, Notre Dame and Pitt, and away games at Boston College, Florida State, Miami, NC State and Syracuse. Each ACC team is also afforded one non-conference game, which according to the guidelines, must be played in the home state of the ACC institution. Let’s see, who’s a non-conference opponent that Tech could play in the state of Georgia? Can’t think of anyone.

Part of me really likes this schedule because Tech will see a large majority of the ACC Atlantic division. Personally, I hate that Tech only gets to face one new ACC Atlantic team every year, and now, they get six (plus Notre Dame). Tech hasn’t played Florida State since 2015, hasn’t played Boston College since 2016. That’s exciting!

It’s also weird, though. For the first time in too many years that I don’t want to look up right now, Tech is going through a season without playing Virginia Tech, North Carolina or Virginia. Now, I don’t think the Cavaliers are set up for success this year, but personally, I’m okay missing on the Hokies and Tar Heels. They were my two picks for the ACC Coastal this season.

What’s peculiar to me is Notre Dame. They are being included in the ACC schedule, meaning they will be eligible to play in the ACC Championship Game this season and then go back to being an Independent next season, which knowing how college football goes sometimes is exactly what I think will happen.

Anyway, I’m sure the rest of you have thoughts on the schedule, so drop them down in the comments! What do you love? What do you hate? Do you think we’ll see more scheduling like this in the future?