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FTRS Presents: 100 Days to Kickoff 2020

It’s time to talk about some football!

Pittsburgh v Georgia Tech Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Hey guys, do you know what today is? It’s exactly 100 days until the beginning of Georgia Tech’s football season! Well, at least for now, so we’re going with that. If you’re new here, that means it’s time to start previewing the upcoming season!

Before I get into what exactly we’ll be covering over the next 100 days, I also have an announcement. After an incredible tenure, our football editor Kieffer Milligan is stepping away from the website. Kieffer has been an absolute asset and will still be around in more of a consulting role with the film crew, but I’m excited to announce that Jeffrey Cramer will be taking over for him! Jeff has only been here a short time, but he’s been incredibly helpful, and I’m excited to see him bring some new ideas to the table with our football coverage.

Now, here’s what you can expect over the next 100 days:

  • Opinion Week
  • Previewing Impact and Breakout Players
  • Film School
  • Position-by-Position Previews
  • Revisiting the Recruiting Classes that Make up the Roster
  • The Case for Every Candidate at Quarterback
  • Opponent and Conference Previews
  • And more!

It’s going to be a whole lot of fun, so be sure to tell all your Georgia Tech friends as we get ready for the upcoming season!

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