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Georgia Tech Football: Spring Practice Begins!

Official practices begin in advance of the White & Gold game

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Tech Fans,

Football is back!

I’m kidding of course, there are several milestones which its appropriate to say that: Beginning of spring practice, the spring game, the first fall practice, and the first game. However this is really where the 2020 year kicks off. Every school gets 15 practice sessions in the spring culminating in the glorious White vs Gold spring game. The first session took place yesterday in The Brock Indoor Practice Facility

What to watch for

The QB competition is far and away the biggest story line in the valley. QB James Graham is the presumptive starter but we just brought in two top tier HS quarterbacks including Elite 11 QB Jeff Sims. Graham gained confidence throughout the season but I watched the Elite 11 (recommended viewing every year, btw) and Sims can throw darts. He’s got a great eye and an inspiring young leader. All this coverage to not mention Tucker Gleason is a little disappointing. He is an exciting prospect in his own right and to see him take a backseat to this hype just goes to show how crowded our QB room is getting. These surely are exciting times to be a Tech fan.

Scholarship limits

We are still grossly over the scholarship limit of 85 so there will be some cuts. It was already announced that PK Wesley Wells and PK Brenton King are no longer on the team. It seems that OL Connor Hansen has walked too. I’ve always been anti-King (4 for 11!!! on FG tries in ’18 & ’19) but letting Wells walk was a surprise. It’s my understanding he was popular with the team and came up clutch in a couple pressure situations.

This is the tiniest note but it seems there are some number changes. Tobias Oliver is now listed at #20 (ominous) and Graham came in at #14. Tucker Gleason wearing #16.

Club 1010

We haven’t said much about the off-season program besides the fact that its confusing and all over the place. What the heck is Club 1010 and why does it matter? My best guess is that its similar to the 1000 lb club that lots of schools do, meaning you can bench, squat and deadlift a combined 1000 lbs. It also represents a 10 out of 10 development program and isn’t getting bigger the most important thing for our team?

Workouts at Mercedes-Benz Stadium were pretty cool:

36 Days until the Spring Game!

Finally, I plan to do a whole piece on the spring game and its history and relevance. All I would like you to focus on now is making plans to be there on April 10th, 2020 at 7:30pm. I know it’s a Friday night but it’s free and you can go to Cypress afterwards for your friday night shenanigans.

Come early and wear gold. It’s not the most exciting football but it means a lot to these kids to get support and the other school sure does like to hold attendance over our heads. Wouldn’t you like to take that away from them?

Anything I missed or you would like to see? Let me hear it in the comments below. Additionally, we usually like to post minor updates on Twitter.

Stay tuned and get excited, “Year 1” of the Collins era is upon us.

Until next time,