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Georgia Tech Football: Two Players Retire for Medical Reasons

Georgia Tech announced the retirements of Brad Morgan and Tija’i Whatley

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech announced a few roster changes this morning, including the addition of former Notre Dame safety Derrik Allen and the retirements of offensive/defensive lineman Brad Morgan and wide receiver Tija’i Whatley.

The news about Brad isn’t entirely new, as he announced this decision earlier this week in an Instagram post.

The news of Whatley, though, is new and not expounded upon in the article. What is good for both former players, though, is that they will be staying at Georgia Tech to complete their degrees as well as stay around the football team in a non-playing capacity. Former safety AJ Gray did something similar after stepping away from the game before his senior season.

These two spots now gives Tech four available scholarships entering the season.

Thank you for all of the hard work both put in at Georgia Tech! We at FTRS wish you nothing but the best moving forward!