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Georgia Tech Football: 2019 Season Predictions

Come see how our staff thinks the season will go!

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

With the season starting in just a week, we’re running out of stuff to preview! Today and tomorrow, the FTRS Staff will be throwing some predictions at you, so sit back, relax, and get ready for it!

Benjamin Tankersley

  • I think Tech will finish with five or six wins with a chance at a bowl game. Personally, I’m hoping for the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl.
  • Tech’s offense will pass for more yards than they get running, but they will run it more than they pass.
  • Jordan Mason will lead the team in rushing, Malachi Carter will lead the team in receiving.
  • Tech will have multiple receivers with more than 1,000 yards.
  • Tech’s defense will pass the eye test far better than the offense will.
  • Nobody will have double-digit sacks, but more than one person will have more than five.
  • Juanyeh Thomas will be Tech’s MVP, being the leader on defense and having an incredible impact on special teams.
  • Tech WILL NOT allow a special teams touchdown as Geoff Collins takes it more seriously.
  • Geoff Collins will finish with a Top 30 recruiting class with multiple four-star recruits.

Chris Paschal

  • Tech will be top 25 in opponent points-per-game
  • Tech will be top five in defensive takeaways
  • Tech will score a touchdown on a trick play
  • There will be a television segment during a game about CGC’s shoe game
  • Stephen will write five M?M?BP’s, one of which will be published on a Monday
  • Tech will have at least 15 passing touchdowns
  • 15 different players will score a touchdown
  • Five players will have both a rushing and a receiving touchdown
  • Some absurd Atlanta culture thing will happen (current money is on Migos name dropping someone Tech-related in a song)
  • PHIII will be named a Ray Guy Award Finalist
  • Tech goes 4-8 with wins against USF, The Citadel, Temple, and NC State. UNC and Pitt are close games.

Jake Patterson

  • Tech beats a ranked team this season.
  • Brenton King will kick field goals at some point.
  • Noon/12:30 kick offs will outnumber all other times of day.
  • Jordan Yates will earn significant non-garbage playing time at some point during the season.
  • Geoff Collins will wear a Waffle House-branded shirt during a game.
  • Juanyeh Thomas returns at least 3 kickoffs for touchdowns.
  • A bowl will feel in reach at some points during the year, but ultimately bad luck and poor decision making on offense will leave Tech to finish at 4-8. Wins will be against The Citadel, one of the USF and Temple games, Pitt, and UNC. The NC State and VPISU games are close and the uga and Clemson games will be borderline unwatchable.

Jake Grant

  • Raving about how Tech beats someone they “shouldn’t” in Year Zero.
  • Creation of better, grittier great buzzwords using Relentless Enthusiasm and by Attacking Every Day.
  • Tobias Oliver sees significant playing time at non-quarterback positions.
  • At least one play run from the wishbone.
  • I’ll make a mildly obscure historical illusion on a podcast that I’m really into but no one will understand and then there will be three seconds of pure silence.
  • Bye week lists. You know the ones.
  • A confusingly large percentage of the team is Above The Line by the end of the season.
  • Tech goes 5-7, beating The Citadel, Temple, South Florida, North Carolina, North Carolina State, with the VPISU and Pittsburgh games within spitting distance in the fourth quarter.

Carter Templeton

  • Virginia might win the Coastal, but they’re still losing the Commonwealth Cup.
  • Similarly, Michigan? Well, there is a new coach in Columbus, so maybe you’ll finally win that one.
  • People will act like Georgia Tech ran the flexbone offense for decades before Collins came around. It was just one. There was over a century of football before that.
  • It’s a depressingly chalky path to the playoff. Remember last year? Yeah, that, again.
  • People who thought Paul Johnson’s blunt honesty was too mean will enjoy Geoff Collins’ puffy coachspeak.
  • Clay Helton will not survive the season at USC.
  • Watching Georgia Tech’s defense won’t actually make you want to strangle yourself with the sleeves of your shirt anymore. In other words, the defense won’t be in the bottom ten of 3rd down conversion percentage anymore.
  • The winner of the Red River Shootout will lose the rematch in the Big 12 Championship game, again, because that’s how this works.
  • I will scientifically determine the exact amount of Alpha Abstractions one should drink prior to entering Bobby Dodd Stadium.
  • 5-7.