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Five Impact “Players” 2019: General Manager Patrick Suddes

The Gang Gets A New Member

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The Atheltic - Tori McElhaney

So, before everyone yells at me because Suddes doesn’t wear pads or a number, I’m well aware. Hear me out.

While Suddes can’t directly tote/slang the rock for the Jackets, his impact on the future of this program will be immeasurable if the tales you hear of him are what they are billed up to be. AJC. AJC Again. The Athletic. [Support Ken and Tori and subscribe to everything you possibly can.]

Hailing from Marist (Marist does matter), Suddes walked a lengthy road to end up a mere 14 miles from his high school. He is an alumni of Alabama, interned with Saban at LSU prior to his graduation in 2005, then Saban took him to Miami, then hired him again once he took the reigns in Tuscaloosa. That alone speaks volumes in today’s college football landscape. It might not be “he had a cup of coffee with Sean McVay once”, but it’s [Duran Duran] close.

Everything that I’ve pulled on Patrick reads like a love letter. The way each person that has served on staff with him praises his unique approach to the game, and it gives you goosebumps thinking what he could do during his time on The Flats.

As mentioned elsewhere in all of the articles I’ve linked, Collins and Suddes actually worked together on their first class at Alabama in 2007. You know, up until recently when they were getting every single player they ever could want, that 2008 class was that Alabama class. Julio Jones, Mark Barron, Courtney Upshaw, Mark Ingram, Barrett Jones, Marcell Dareus,Dont’a Hightower, Terrence Cody, Michael Williams. It was a strong class that produced enough firepower to put some championship rings on some fingers.

During his time at Arizona State, he pioneered an app specifically for the Sun Devils that allowed them to connect with recruits all over, not just those in the relatively talent-sparse state of Arizona where their brand was more well-known.

He worked at Texas as well under Mack Brown, and spent the last three seasons at Auburn. But when Coach Collins came calling, Suddes made his decision quickly. He was coming back to the 404.

Now you probably know him for his recruiting Bat Signal-esque tweets that go out when there’s news to be had.

(For those unaware, each bee emoji correlates to one recruit in the recruiting class.)

There have been myriad examples of this, each with their own unique gif. And with each tweet, the clamor grows for the brand that Coach Collins and his staff have put together in the past 6 months.

It’s truly an exciting time to be a Jacket’s Fan, and moving forward, Suddes will be the man behind the scenes, standing ever-diligent with his binder of information, ready to play chess with the rest of the top college football programs in the country, all vying for to be the last program standing each January.

Patrick and his wife Rachel recently welcomed their son Lawson into this world (talk about starting a new job and being overwhelmed, try fighting that war on two fronts).

Best of luck to Patrick and his family as they get settled back in to Atlanta, and we at FTRS are extremely excited to have you in the fold.