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Five Breakout Players for 2019: WR Adonicas Sanders

Let’s see how the RS Sophomore can make some noise

Georgia Tech v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

While obviously being a member of the All-Name Team, the first thing that stood out to be about Sanders when he was being recruited by Paul Johnson’s staff back in 2017 was his speed. Now, I can’t speak to the level of competition in the Charleston high school football scene, but I know that Sanders’ highlight film is nothing but him torching dudes.

You see time and time again in the film that he’s got elusiveness, looks good coming off the line, and can find space on the field when he needs it. While he redshirted his freshman year, and was injured for part of last season, he showed us in the Spring Game that he hadn’t lost that talent that punched his ticket to Atlanta in the first place.

That’s back to back catches coming from balls thrown by James Graham, and was especially impressive after the lick he took from Avery Showell on the first play.

Now it’s been said about many of the wide receivers in waiting this off season that they’ll have their chance to shine. We’ve highlighted Tyler Cooksey and Malachi Carter already. They’ll certainly catch their share of balls this season, but I think if Adonicas is given the chance to line up in that 2nd receiver slot if Tech goes to 10 personnel (4 WR, 1 RB), then I would expect to see him find himself with plenty of space running North and South like he was at the Freshman Cake Race.

He’s talked a lot about how excited he is about the new scheme this year, and count me as fully on board to watch him take advantage of the opportunity he’s been given to break out and become a key contributor for the Jackets this season.

Also, switching from #82 to #12 is a power move. #12 is sooo much faster than #82. EDIT: I figured out why I felt that at my core - Jason Witten wore #82. Y’all have a great Friday. 76 more sleeps til Toe Meets Leather.