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From the Rumble Seat Presents 100 Days to Kickoff 2019

It’s officially that time once again!

Geoff Collins is ready to get the season started!
Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Ahhhh May 21! What a day! The birthday of former Yellow Jacket Darren Waller’s ancestor jazz musician Fats Waller, baseballer Josh Hamilton, actor/wrestler Mr. T, and infamous serial killer Jeffery Dahmer. It’s also the anniversary of Charles Lindbergh touching down in Paris, completing the world’s first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Or who could forget when Otto III was crowned Holy Roman Emperor at only 16 years old? Man, what a day!

But more important that all that, Georgia Tech football begins in exactly 100 days! In the next 100 days, we at From the Rumble Seat will be previewing the season in many different ways! We’ll be

  • Providing some of our hottest takes!
  • Projecting some of the best and most likely to breakout players!
  • Doing film breakdowns of the new offensive and defensive schemes!
  • Breaking down the season game-by-game!
  • And more!

Be sure to check back constantly to catch everything that we’ve got coming up!