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Presenting the FTRS All-2010s Team!

Your votes are in and have been counted!

Georgia Tech v Clemson Photo by Tyler Smith/Getty Images

Well, you all certainly rose to the challenge. With voting open for a week, we received over 500 ballots to vote for the FTRS All-2010s team! And personally, I think that’s really awesome. Before we get to the results, I do need to touch on a couple things.

First, there were a couple of names that were added to the ballot late. The first one is the late Brandon Adams. When I was pulling the names, I somehow regrettably overlooked Adams’ name. For this, I am incredibly sorry, as he should very well be on a list like this. He was an incredible student-athlete who brought a lot to the field here at Georgia Tech and should be commended for that.

The other name that was added to the list was Phil Smith, who is an offensive lineman from the 2010 team. Having not followed the team as closely in 2010 as I do now, I had to rely on old depth charts, which were few and far between from that long ago. The one I found listed Austin Barrick and Nick Claytor as the starters, so those were the two I included. I received an email letting me know that Smith was actually a starter on that 2010 line. After looking into it a little more, I confirmed that information and added Smith to the ballot.

I bring this up because this will mean that both of their scores will be lower than they probably should be in the grand scheme of things, but since there isn’t any way to go back in time and fix it, I’ll be presenting the results as they are with a few exceptions:

  • If multiple ballots were submitted using the exact same email address, the one that was submitted first was the only one that was kept. The others were not counted.
  • If a ballot listed three names in a section where you were required to pick two options, only the first two options were counted.
  • If a ballot lists the same player for a first and second team vote, only the first team vote was counted.

Now, without further ado, I would like to introduce the first-team FTRS All-2010s team! The total number of points appears in parentheses. The official staff picks will also appear below. For the full ballot, a score of 1,026 would indicate a perfect score. A staff score of 30 indicates a perfect score in that regard.

Quarterback: Justin Thomas (854)

Staff pick: Justin Thomas (30)

A-back: Roddy Jones (819) and Orwin Smith (552)

Staff pick: Roddy Jones (22) and Orwin Smith (18)

B-back: Synjyn Days (451)

Staff pick: Synjyn Days (15)

Wide Receiver: DeAndre Smelter (838), Darren Waller (561), and Stephen Hill (479)

Staff pick: Deandre Smelter (27), Darren Waller (17), and Ricky Jeune (17)

Offensive Tackle: Will Jackson (585) and Will Bryan (534)

Staff pick: Will Jackson (25) and Bryan Chamberlain (18)

Offensive Guard: Shaq Mason (979) and Parker Braun (619)

Staff pick: Shaq Mason (30) and Parker Braun (21)

Center: Sean Bedford (624)

Staff pick: Freddie Burden (23)

Defensive End/Pass Rusher: Jeremiah Attaochu (941) and KeShun Freeman (621)

Staff pick: Jeremiah Attaochu (29) and Anree Saint-Amour (19)

Defensive Tackle: Adam Gotsis (934) and TJ Barnes (491)

Staff pick: Adam Gotsis (30) and TJ Barnes (18)

Linebacker: PJ Davis (682), Quayshawn Nealy (630), and Julian Burnett (519)

Staff pick: Quayshawn Nealy (21), PJ Davis (19), and Brandon Watts (17)

Cornerback: DJ White (654) and Jemea Thomas (647)

Staff pick: DJ White (26) and Jemea Thomas (23)

Safety: Jamal Golden (734) and Isaiah Johnson (536)

Staff pick: Jamal Golden (24) and AJ Gray (18)

Kicker: Harrison Butker (957)

Staff pick: Harrison Butker (30)

Punter: Pressley Harvin III (922)

Staff pick: Pressley Harvin III (28)

Returner: Jamal Golden (464)

Staff pick: Jamal Golden (21)

And now let’s look at the second team picks!

Quarterback: Joshua Nesbitt (511)

Staff pick: Tevin Washington (11)

A-back: Clinton Lynch (488) and Robert Godhigh (441)

Staff pick: Clinton Lynch (18) and Robert Godhigh (16)

B-back: Zach Laskey (367)

Staff pick: Zach Laskey (11)

Wide Receiver: Ricky Jeune (338), Ahmarean Brown (265), and Brad Stewart (248)

Staff pick: Stephen Hill (11), Ahmarean Brown (8), and Brad Stewart (7)

Offensive Tackle: Bryan Chamberlain (462) and Nick Claytor (319)

Staff pick: Trey Klock (17) and Ray Beno (11)

Offensive Guard: Omoregie Uzzi (504) and Trey Braun (466)

Staff pick: Trey Braun (16) and Omoregie Uzzi (13)

Center: Freddie Burden (607)

Staff pick: Sean Bedford (21)

Defensive End/Pass Rusher: Anree Saint-Amour (593) and Antonio Simmons (277)

Staff pick: Emmanuel Dieke (14) and Antonio Simmons (14)

Defensive Tackle: Patrick Gamble (465) and Izaan Cross (221)

Staff pick: Patrick Gamble (15) and Kyle Cerge-Henderson (14)

Linebacker: Brandon Watts (361), Brant Mitchell (251), and David Curry (233)

Staff pick: Brant Mitchell (11), Julian Burnett (10), and David Curry (8)

Cornerback: Tre Swilling (306) and Chris Milton (261)

Staff pick: Chris Milton (14) and Tre Swilling (8)

Safety: AJ Gray (466) and Jerrard Tarrant (279)

Staff pick: Tariq Carpenter (13) and Isaiah Johnson (13)

Kicker: Scott Blair (384)

Staff pick: Scott Blair (9)

Punter: Ryan Rodwell (310)

Staff pick: Ryan Rodwell (13)

Returner: Juanyeh Thomas (395)

Staff pick: Juanyeh Thomas (14)

Thank you again to everybody who submitted a ballot! If you intended to and missed out, don’t worry, you’ll get another chance in 10 years! Another thank you to all the players, both on this list and not that played on the Flats at some point during the 2010s. You could have gone just about anywhere in the country, and you chose to come to Georgia Tech, and well, I just think that’s awesome!