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GAMETHREAD: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. Pittsburgh Panthers

Let’s do this thing!

Georgia Tech v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Well after an exciting second win of the season and a second bye week, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets enter the final stretch of the season as they host the Pittsburgh Panthers for Homecoming.

Who is Pat Narduzzi going to hate now?

Pat Narduzzi had a distinct hatred for Paul Johnson and his offense since he got to Pitt, but with Johnson now retired, who is Narduzzi going to direct that hatred toward? With that hatred, Pitt’s defense typically did a good job of playing Paul Johnson’s offense hard. I wonder if they will play that hard with Tech running a different offense. It might seem a little silly, but I’m curious to see how it goes.

How is Kenny Pickett going to do?

Pitt’s offense revolves around the success of Kenny Pickett. When Pickett plays well, the Panthers tend to win. In two of Pitt’s three losses, Pickett passed for less than 200 yards and threw two picks. If Tech can hold Pickett to numbers like that, I feel pretty good about their chances in this game.

Can Georgia Tech score enough to win this game?

Pitt’s defense is really good. They’ve give up 30 points three times this season, so I tried to find a pattern there to see what those teams did to score on Pitt’s defense, and what I learned is that even in those games, Pitt’s defense still did a good job of limiting yardage, so there wasn’t one magic thing that teams did to score 30 points.

Game Prediction

I think this will be a very low-scoring affair. Neither team has had a lot of success on offense this season, and both teams have at least decent defenses. This game is likely going to come down to which team can force more turnovers. I think Tech will use the momentum of the Miami game and the bye week to win this one, but it’s gonna be ugly. I’ll take Tech 21-17.

What’s your score prediction?