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GAMETHREAD: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. Virginia Tech Hokies

Let’s do this thing!

Georgia Tech v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

As we draw closer to the end of the season, we have continued to see this Georgia Tech team grow in Geoff Collins’ first season. A win against Virginia Tech would do a lot to instill fan confidence moving forward.

The Techmo Bowl

Jake has already more than covered the history between these two teams, but I think it’s worth mentioning again. These two teams have a good bit of history between them, especially in the last few years. This is almost always a fun match-up, and I expect that to be the case again today.

Bud Foster’s Final Farewell

After 24 years of being the defensive coordinator (and 32 years total) at Virginia Tech, Bud Foster is finally calling it a career. Foster has always been a successful defensive coordinator, and especially during the CPJ years, it seemed like he always had some kind of plan to put a stop to the offense. The one in particular that comes to mind was the year that Foster lined up the older Fuller brother at linebacker and he blew up plays the entire freaking night. Anyway, it will be a shame to see Foster leave the game, but I’m happy Tech won’t have to deal with him any longer.

Time for a back-up quarterback?

Don’t worry, I’m not calling for James Graham’s job as the starting quarterback. I just know that Tech has had some recent success against Virginia Tech with back-up quarterbacks. I’ll just leave those highlights.

How special will Tech’s special teams be this week?

Georgia Tech has had issues in some phase of special teams in just about every single game this season, whether it be kick coverage, kicking field goals or kickoffs, or something else. A lot of these issues have also been things that can either be fixed or improved upon, so it will be interesting to see what Collins and Co. have cooked up this week.

Score Prediction

If Tech was facing the Hokies team from earlier this season, I’d feel a lot more comfortable about this game. Unfortunately, the Hokies have severely improved in these last couple games, specifically with a change at quarterback, with Hendon Hooker starting now. He’s certainly a more mobile quarterback, which Tech has had some issues with, and I expect those to continue. With that being the case, I’ll take Virginia Tech to win this one, 31-21.

What is your score prediction for today?