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Georgia Tech Football: OG Parker Braun to Grad Transfer Away From Program

Well that throws a wrench into plans for next year.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at North Carolina Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Man, I’ve been so hyped up on good news lately, I forgot what bad news was like. Well, then this happened.

With Parker Braun electing to play his senior season elsewhere, that leaves Geoff Collins with a hole to fill on the offensive line at left guard. As if the transition from the offensive line was not going to be difficult enough, they will now have to transition without its vocal leader from last season.

Moving forward, Georgia Tech has a few candidates on the roster to fill that hole.

Jared Southers

Southers is a new player on the offensive line this season after transferring from Vanderbilt. He will be eligible immediately, and at 6-5, 315 lbs., he has the size and length to play at either tackle or guard.

Jack DeFoor

Like Southers, Jack DeFoor also transferred in, though he came in prior to last season from Ole Miss. He didn’t play much last year due to having to learn the system. Like Southers, DeFoor also has the flexibility to play guard and tackle.

Scott Morgan

Morgan made a few starts at right guard last season before Conner Hansen ended up winning that job. With the job on the left side now open, he could very well slide over into that position.

Kenny Cooper

This is probably a bit of a wildcard. Cooper is looking to be the starting center. Having Jahaziel Lee also be able to play center does give Tech some flexibility to try Cooper at left guard.

Mysterious Grad Transfer

Georgia Tech has already had one offensive lineman transfer in, so what’s to stop them from bringing on another? If nothing else, I certainly expect them to look at their options here.


Given my options, I think we’ll see a fun battle between Jared Southers and Jack DeFoor during the spring. I think one of them will end up at tackle, with the other sliding in at guard. This could all change, though, if Tech is able to bring in another grad transfer on the offensive line.

Regardless, best of luck to you, Parker! You were great to watch on the Flats, and we all hope the best for you in the future!

Who do you think will fill this new vacancy on the offensive line?