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Georgia Tech Releases New Depth Chart for USF

There are a couple key changes here.

NCAA Football: Alcorn State at Georgia Tech Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

After a hefty 41-0 victory over Alcorn State, Georgia Tech has released a new depth chart for this week’s game against the University of South Florida Bulls.

There were not many changes to the depth chart, but let’s take a quick look at what did change.

Offensive Depth Chart

Position First String Second String
Position First String Second String
QB TaQuon Marshall (Sr.) Tobias Oliver (R-Fr.)
BB KirVonte Benson (R-Jr.) Jordan Ponchez-Mason (R-Fr.) OR Jerry Howard (So.)
AB Qua Searcy (R-Sr.) Nathan Cottrell (R-Jr.)
AB Clinton Lynch (R-Sr.) Omahri Jarrett (R-Jr.)
WR Jalen Camp (Jr.) Malachi Carter (Fr.)
WR Brad Stewart (Sr.) Stephen Dolphus (R-So.)
LT Zach Quinney (R-Fr.) Bailey Ivemeyer (R-Jr.)
LG Parker Braun (Jr.) Charlie Clark (R-Fr.)
C Jahaziel Lee (Jr.) Scott Morgan (R-Jr.)
RG Will Bryan (Sr.) Brad Morgan (R-Jr.)
RT Andrew Marshall (R-Sr.) Jack DeFoor (R-So.)

Right here is where we see the majority of the changes. Despite the depth chart listing the starting offensive line last week as Quinney, Braun, Lee, Morgan, Bryan, the offensive line was a little bit different, with Will Bryan starting at left tackle and Andrew Marshall starting at right tackle.

This week, the offensive line will look slightly different with Zach Quinney and Marshall as the starting tackles and Bryan shifting inside to right guard, letting Brad Morgan serve as the back-up there.

It seems that Paul Johnson liked what he saw from Quinney at tackle more than he did from Morgan at guard, though, just as we saw last week, there will certainly be plenty of shuffling along the offensive line in order to get the best five on the field and making sure they are fresh throughout the game.

Defensive Depth Chart

Position First String Second String
Position First String Second String
DE Desmond Branch (R-Sr.) Antwan Owen (So.)
NT Kyle Cerge Henderson (Sr.) Brandon Adams (Jr.)
DE Anree Saint-Amour (Sr.) Brentavious Glanton (R-Jr.)
Jack Vic Alexander (Sr.) Jacquan Henderson (So.)
ILB Brant Mitchell (Sr.) Quez Jackson (Fr.)
ILB David Curry (R-Jr.) Bruce Jordan-Swilling (So.)
Stinger Jalen Johnson (R-Sr.) Christian Campbell (R-Jr.)
SS Tariq Carpenter (So.) Kaleb Oliver (R-Fr.)
FS Malik Rivera (R-Sr.) Juanyeh Thomas (Fr.)
CB Jaitlyn Askew (So.) Ajani Kerr (R-So.)
CB Tre' Swilling (R-Fr.) Jaylon King (Fr.) OR Zamari Walton (Fr.)

There are absolutely no changes in the depth chart here, but we do have a better idea of the depth here now. True freshman Kaleb Oliver showed that he will certainly be playing a lot, so he and Tariq Carpenter will split time at strong safety, with Carpenter holding onto the starting job.

This week, the Tech defense will be bolstered by the return of two players: inside linebacker Bruce Jordan-Swilling and cornerback Lamont Simmons. Jordan-Swilling will easily slide in as one of the back-up inside linebackers, alongside true freshman Quez Jackson.

Simmons’ spot, on the other hand, is a little more up in the air. The depth chart already lists five players on the depth chart at corner, so Simmons will need to show in practice that he’s ready to hop back into the lineup. Paul Johnson mentioned that Simmons hasn’t practiced in three weeks, so his playing time may be limited this week.

Special Teams Depth Chart

Position First String Second String
Position First String Second String
PK Brenton King (So.) Shawn Davis (R-Jr.)
KO Shawn Davis (R-Jr.) OR Wesley Walls (Fr.)
P Pressley Harvin III (So.) Shawn Davis (R-Jr.)
LS Zach Roberts (R-Sr.) Jack Coco (R-Fr.)
SS Jack Coco (R-Fr.) Zach Roberts (R-Sr.)
H Brad Stewart (Sr.) Pressley Harvin III (So.)
KR Juanyeh Thomas (Fr.) Jaitlyn Askew (So.) OR Nathan Cottrell (R-Jr.)
PR Juanyeh Thomas (Fr.) Brad Stewart (Sr.)

This is the other area where we see some changes in the depth chart. Most notable is the change at placekicker, where Brenton King has overtaken Shawn Davis. Davis started the game last week and played as the placekicker until his missed PAT attempt on Tech’s second score. From that point, King took over as the kicker and hit all of his PATs and missed a 50-yard field goal that had the distance, but was off the mark.

Also of note in this part of the depth chart is the addition of the kickoff specialist. Wesley Wells and Davis are listed as co-starters, so we likely won’t know who will be the main guy until Saturday. Both had their shot on Saturday, with each of them earning a touchback on one kick.

The only other change here is at holder, where Brad Stewart is now listed as the starter over Pressley Harvin III.

What do you think of the changes in the depth chart? Where do Jordan-Swilling and Simmons fit in returning from injuries?