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2018 Season Predictions

The FTRS staff attempts to predict some key stats for this season!

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Normally for this article, we get the staff’s record predictions for the season, but since we’ve already done that, this is going to look a little different. Instead, we’ll be making some more specific predictions. Hope you enjoy!

Passing: Over/Under 1,000 yards

Akshay Easwaran - Over, but it’ll be close.

Andrew Rodrigues - Over

Matt Schwartz - Over

MagnaCarterGT - I looked back the other 10 Johnson led Tech teams and found only one year where they finished with under 1000 passing yards: last year’s. Over.

Benjamin Tankersley - Over, but just barely

Chris Paschal - Over.

Jake Grant - Last year’s overthrown passes were underwhelming. Regress to the mean. Over.

Who will lead the team in rushing?

Akshay Easwaran - KirVonte Benson, but TaQuon Marshall won’t be far behind.

Andrew Rodrigues - KirVonte Benson

Matt Schwartz - KirVonte Benson

MagnaCarterGT - KirVonte Benson, but don’t be too surprised if it ends up being Jerry Howard.

Benjamin Tankersley - TaQuon Marshall. I think the B-backs will split time enough that it will keep them from leading the team in rushing.

Chris Paschal - KirVonte Benson. I think Quon will be limited from a running perspective because of how much he did it last year which will lead to the B-backs being featured more prominently.

Jake Grant - TaQuon Marshall was forged as an A-Back and showed flashes of it last year. Our B-Backs will split time, but, equally importantly Marshall has shown that he very much trusts himself to keep the ball firmly in his own hands.

Who will lead the team in receiving?

Akshay Easwaran - depends who is the #1 WR, which I think will be Jalen Camp.

Andrew Rodrigues - Jalen Camp

Matt Schwartz - Jalen Camp

MagnaCarterGT - Jalen Camp, but Clinton Lynch will lead for the A-backs

Benjamin Tankersley - Clinton Lynch. I don’t trust any of this year’s receivers, and Lynch is honestly our safest bet.

Chris Paschal - Jalen Camp.

Jake Grant - Probably an A-Back, so Clinton Lynch.

Who will lead the team in tackles?

Akshay Easwaran - Brant Mitchell

Andrew Rodrigues - Brant Mitchell

Matt Schwartz - Brant Mitchell

MagnaCarterGT - Vic Alexander

Benjamin Tankersley - David Curry. He’s currently beating out Bruce Jordan-Swilling for the other inside linebacker position, and by all reports has done really well in camp. I think he has a big year.

Chris Paschal - Brant Mitchell.

Jake Grant - Brant Mitchell

Who will lead the team in sacks?

Akshay Easwaran - Anree Saint-Amour

Andrew Rodrigues - Anree Saint-Amour

Matt Schwartz - Anree Saint-Amour

MagnaCarterGT - Vic Alexander

Benjamin Tankersley - Anree Saint-Amour

Chris Paschal - Anree Saint-Amour

Jake Grant - Anree Saint-Amour

Who will lead the team in interceptions?

Akshay Easwaran - Lamont Simmons

Andrew Rodrigues - Ajani Kerr

Matt Schwartz - Ajani Kerr

MagnaCarterGT - Milan, as always

Benjamin Tankersley - Juanyeh Thomas. I think he wins the free safety position a few games in and goes crazy.

Chris Paschal - Lamont Simmons

Jake Grant - Bruce Jordan-Swilling showed just a hint of what he can do last year. He’s a playmaker and now he’s in a defense built for him to make more of those moves.

Punting: Guess the average yards/punt

Akshay Easwaran - 45.3 yards/punt and a lot fewer returns

Andrew Rodrigues - 43.6 yards/punt

Matt Schwartz - 45 yards/punt

MagnaCarterGT - 46.2 yards/punt

Benjamin Tankersley - 45.5 yards/punt

Chris Paschal - 45.8 yards/punt. One touchdown saving hit stick.

Jake Grant - 46.5 yards/punt

Kicking: Guess the field goal percentage

Akshay Easwaran - within 40 yards? probably 90+%. From any distance more than that, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Andrew Rodrigues - 83 percent

Matt Schwartz - 78 percent

MagnaCarterGT - Not enough to make me feel good about ever kicking a field goal

Benjamin Tankersley - 78 percent (7-of-9), on the condition that no field goals are attempted from beyond 45 yards.

Chris Paschal - 75%.

Jake Grant - After the carousel of disappointment that was last year, anything greater than 0% will be a pleasant surprise.

Offensive MVP

Akshay Easwaran - #TaQuonForHeisman

Andrew Rodrigues - TaQuon Marshall

Matt Schwartz - TaQuon Marshall

MagnaCarterGT - KirVonte Benson

Benjamin Tankersley - Clinton Lynch. Marshall is going to be good, but I think Lynch will be a game-changer this year.

Chris Paschal - KirVonte Benson. I think he takes his game to another level this year and is something really special. 1200 yards, 10 touchdowns, and one weird 4th down passing play where the defense breaks down and he takes it 50+ yards to the house.

Jake Grant - Captain TaQuon Marshall, a gentleman and a scholar, a philosopher, and future broadcast booth staple.

Defensive MVP

Akshay Easwaran - Brant Mitchell

Andrew Rodrigues - Brant Mitchell

Matt Schwartz - Ajani Kerr

MagnaCarterGT - Vic Alexander

Benjamin Tankersley - David Curry

Chris Paschal - Brant Mitchell.

Jake Grant - Captain Brant Mitchell. Good choices on captains, team, by the way.

Newcomer of the Year

Akshay Easwaran - Ajani Kerr

Andrew Rodrigues - Tariq Carpenter

Matt Schwartz - Ajani Kerr

MagnaCarterGT - Adonicas Sanders

Benjamin Tankersley - Juanyeh Thomas

Chris Paschal - Nate Woody (jk - Jalen Camp)

Jake Grant - I know Chris said Coach Woody as a joke but, honestly, I don’t think he missed the mark with that at all. A rising tide lifts all ships.