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2018 Season Preview: The Mean

Let’s talk about how well we actually think the team will do this season.

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we’ve covered three standard deviations above and below the mean, so now let’s take a look right in the middle, so I guess it would technically be the median? I don’t know, I’m not much of a math person; that’s why I write.

Christopher Paschal

9-4. Losses to Clemson, uga, Miami, and one of Virginia Tech/Duke/Pitt. This is a good mix of a few guaranteed wins and wins over teams we should be beating. Nothing flashy, nothing super memorable, just a solid season with some good wins over division opponents. We’ll finish it off with a decent bowl win over a team like Utah.

Ethan Kreager

My likely case scenario for this year has Tech finishing 7-5 with losses to Clemson, uga, VPISU, Miami, and either Louisville or Duke. I could see us slipping up somewhere else along the way or pulling an upset in one of the four I have as a likely loss, but if we’re talking likely case I think 7-5 is a reasonable expectation. In this scenario, I have us headed to Charlotte to take on South Carolina in the Belk Bowl.

Jake Grant

Tech always wins one we shouldn’t and also has a baffling loss. That’s why we’ll be about 7-5. We’ll probably knock off Miami or VPISU, but lose some bizarre game against North Carolina or Pittsburgh. It’s not ideal but at least we’re going bowling.


Tech should be better than last year. Getting rid of Roof is addition by subtraction, all other things equal. On offense, everything comes back to the passing game and the offensive line, because they’re the big question marks. If everything can be just _fine_, a bowl bid is comfortably in reach. Clemson feels like the only L to pen in on the schedule. 7-8 wins feels about right. Anything over would be awesome. Anything under, see “Worst Case Scenarios”

Stephen Murphey

6-6. Status “ ‘Quon” babyyyyy

Matt Schwartz

7-5. We’ll throw away at least one game we have no business losing and steal at least one game we have no business winning. Just like every year.

Benjamin Tankersley

I’m pretty optimistic about Tech’s chances this season. The offense in year two with TaQuon Marshall should see some improvement, and the defense literally can’t get any worse. Having a more aggressive style of defense may mean giving up a couple more big plays, but I think it’ll also result in the Yellow Jackets doing better with turnovers. Tech was -5 in turnovers last season (101st in the country). My main concerns are finding healthy offensive linemen and kicking. There’s a pretty good chance Kenny Cooper is not going to be ready to start the season, but once he’s healthy, I think Tech’s offensive line has a chance to be decent, at least good enough for the offense to do well; I’m certainly more worried about the kicking, specifically on kickoffs. Overall, I definitely see Tech dropping Clemson and uga. Outside of that, I truly believe every game is winnable, but for the sake of a prediction, I’ll say Tech drops one or two more and, depending on how Miami and VPI fair, could potentially represent the ACC Coastal.