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2018 Season Preview: Three Standard Deviations Below the Mean

Well, this won’t be fun.

Georgia Tech v Duke Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Back with an updated title, you can really just skip over this article. Today, we’re talking about everything that can go wrong. Yeah, I’m not excited for this either.

Christopher Pashcal

4-8. In my mind our guaranteed wins are Alcorn State, Bowling Green, and two of Pitt/Virginia/UNC. Everything else has the potential to go like 2017 with a lot of close losses.

Ethan Kreager

My worst case scenario this fall is an unsightly 3-9 mark. For this to happen, the defense would have to look grossly inept at playing the 3-4 and TaQuon would have to struggle mightily not only throwing, but running as well. Let me say first I do not believe that this scenario will come true, but if we’re talking worst case I would take Tech to beat Alcorn State, Bowling Green, and UVA and lose every other game on the schedule. Needless to say, a 3-9 mark this year would put CPJ squarely on the hot seat heading into the offseason.

Jake Grant

Tech barely squeaks by Alcorn State and drops their first game on the road in South Florida. Somehow, they eek out a win on the road in Pittsburgh, raising some people’s hopes. Barely. That ends when Tech falls to Clemson at high noon on the Flats. Tech rebounds again with Bowling Green but then proceeds to lose their next five, only managing a win against Virginia the rest of the season, before the Athenians rip out Tech’s hearts between the hedges. 4-8. Worse than last year. The long, bowl-less, March Madness-less, and College World Series-less nightmare lives on.


So, hey, what if TaQuon Marshall’s passing game hasn’t improved, and the offensive line can’t keep it together? The season will go south very quickly - like, week 2 in Tampa quickly. Entering October at 2-3 means likely wins are now toss-ups, and toss-ups are now likely losses. Is it definite Tech misses a bowl again if that happens? No, after a start like that, a 4-3 finish feels like the _best_ case scenario. If Tech doesn’t make it out of September with a winning record, we’ll be in the nightmare scenario already.

Stephen Murphey

2-10. Johnson gets fired after a 2-7 start headed into Miami and we lose the next 3 games by a collective 100 points. Replaced by Head Coach Brian Van Gorder, who is then fired while still maintaining his contract sometime in the next offseason, and we end up in 2019 with Charlie Weiss Jr, 26 year old P5 Head Coach that we find a way to pay $5M a year on a non-negotiable 20 year term. Or just bring on Paul Hewitt to coach the football team.

Matt Schwartz

2-10 with wins against Alcorn State and either USF or Bowling Green. Many fans would criticize our offense call for CPJ to be fired.

Benjamin Tankersley

I already did my time talking about the worst that could happen, which you can find here. In short, Tech goes 3-9, with wins over Alcorn State, Bowling Green and Louisville before losing the final six games of the season. If that happens, Paul Johnson “retires,” and Tech will try to bring in somebody who runs a similar offense, though my preference would be for former QB/BB coach Brian Bohannon—currently the head coach at Kennesaw State. Regardless, I’m hoping this is all a nonfactor this year.

Cade Lawson

Obligatory “0-12 is the worst case” to start off, but in reality the worst case is 2-10. In no world should you lose to Alcorn State or Bowling Green, even in a worst-case scenario, but everyone else is fair game. I doubt 2-10 happens, but Paul Johnson’s seat would be all kinds of hot if it somehow did (and justifiably so).