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2018 Bowl Predictions

Georgia Tech didn’t make a bowl last year, but we’re pretty confident that the Yellow Jackets will make on this year.

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

So yesterday, we talked about potential ACC Championship Game match-ups, aka Clemson. Today, the staff will be offering up some bowl game predictions. Hope you enjoy!

Akshay Easwaran

We should ideally be the second-highest-ranked ACC team in the CFP if we win the coastal & beat Miami (should be at 10-3), so if Clemson gets the nod for the CFP, then we’re in some NY6 bowl. I could see us in the Peach Bowl vs the G5 at-large (I’m thinking Boise St?). If snubbed from the NY6, then we’re going to Orlando for the Camping World Bowl vs Big 12 #3, which could be TCU. If GT vs Boise St, I say Tech by 7; if GT vs TCU, Tech by 3 or less.

Christopher Paschal

Bowl Game will be Sun Bowl against Utah, Tech wins 30-17.

Ethan Kreager

It’s an amazing streak that Georgia Tech has managed to avoid the bowl game in Charlotte with various names for all 16 years that the ACC has been affiliated. Maybe this is the North Carolina boy in me coming out, but I think this is the year the streak ends and the Jackets make the December trek north to Charlotte to face the SEC. I like South Carolina to be the SEC’s representative, and Will Muschamp versus Paul Johnson will be a coaching matchup worth tuning in for.

Jake Grant

I dream of the eventual Northwestern/Tech bowl game. Maybe some day the Wrigley Field bowl game will happen. But I digress. Since I want this to happen and I peg both teams around 8 wins as a pessimist and 9/10 with some lucky breaks, I suppose a Pinstripe Bowl or something of that nature wouldn’t be out of the question. Though the 9/10 win teams wouldn’t meet there. I’m not sure. Bowls are hard. Let’s win some ballgames.


Oh, cool, this is the time of the year when I refresh myself on the ACC’s byzantine bowl selection process. One sec.

Uh huh. Yeah. Huh. Okay. Neat!

So my guess is Tech falls into the “Tier 1 bowls” area, which take picks 4-7. Of those, the Sun, Music City, and Gator bowls have all picked Tech in recent years.... but you know who hasn’t? That’s right, everyone’s favorite department store chain, Belk, will finally honor the Jackets with a bid to their revered bowl! Facing them will be someone from the SEC, a conference I can’t say I know much about since I don’t follow mid-majors that closely. But if I had to take a guess, I’d say.... Florida or Arkansas.

Stephen Murphey

Georgia Tech 31 - UCF 28 in the Military Bowl

REVENGE GAME ON 12/31. Settling all those recruiting quabbles over that one guy that flipped to us from UCF two cycles ago

Benjamin Tankersley

Georgia Tech is not done with Russell Athletic! a way. I have them penciled in as the No. 3 ACC selections in this year’s bowl, which would put them in the bowl game formerly sponsored by Russell Athletic. They no longer sponsor the bowl (Camping World does), but it’s still a connection. Removes tin foil hat.

From a quick Google search, it looks the No. 3 representative from the Big 12 is selected as well. With that, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that either Iowa State or Texas will be that representative this season. I think it would make for a fun game, and regardless, I see Tech pulling it out somewhere in the realm of 31-24.