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Recruiting Classes Revisited: 2013

Oh yikes....this class

Georgia Tech v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

As we close out this week of revisiting previous recruiting classes, we wanted to take a last look at the class that contained the very last remnants of last season’s team: the 2013 class.

Nobody, and absolutely nobody, remembers this class favorably. After being a little small to begin with (only 14 commits), it ended up getting demolished by attrition. Even so, there were some key players that came from this class.

Georgia Tech 2013 Recruiting Class

Name Position Height Weight Rivals 247 Composite
Name Position Height Weight Rivals 247 Composite
Corey Griffin S 6-2 195 5.4 0.779
PJ Davis LB 5-10 200 5.2 0.781
Ty Griffin QB 6-0 190 5.4 0.7924
Ricky Jeune WR 6-3 205 5.6 0.8609
Antonio Messick WR 6-3 185 5.4 0.8033
John Marvin S 6-1 188 5.5 0.8362
Justin Akins DE 6-5 235 5.6 0.8412
Harrison Butker K 6-3 170 5.5 0.8353
Chris Griffin OL 6-6 265 5.6 0.8518
Kevin Robbins DE 6-4 235 5.6 0.8528
Darius Commissiong DT 6-2 285 5.5 0.8434
Shamire DeVine OL 6-6 360 5.7 0.9077
Donovan Wilson AB 6-0 205 5.6 0.838
Travis Custis BB 6-0 205 5.7 0.8751

Who Didn’t Make It?

As mentioned previously, this class was very much demolished by attrition. Since this entire class is gone now, I decided to change the name of this section to distinguish between those who lasted, and those who didn’t. We’ll just go down the list:

Ty Griffin - Transferred to Oregon to join his brother Taj. Once there, he converted to DB and played sparingly.

John Marvin - Kicked off the team for breaking team rules. He ended up at Valdosta State, where he played sparingly.

Justin Akins - Transferred after R-Fr. season to Middle Tennessee State, where he was dismissed after being under investigation for animal cruelty charges.

Chris Griffin - Received a medical hardship after lingering knee issues.

Kevin Robbins - Transferred for academic reasons and ended up at Ohio, where he became a starter in his senior season.

Darius Commissiong - Dismissed for “violation of GTAA’s student-athlete code of conduct.” Transferred to ECU, where he was dismissed after being charged with animal cruelty.

Donovan Wilson - Transferred to Bowling Green, where he was used sparingly.

Travis Custis - Transferred due to academic reasons. Bounced around to a few different colleges before finishing his career at West Georgia.

Top Five Players From the Class

Now that this class is entirely gone, we want to close the book on them by ranking the top five from the entire class.

  1. Harrison Butker
  2. Ricky Jeune
  3. PJ Davis
  4. Shamire DeVine
  5. Corey Griffin

In addition to these five players, I’d also like to give a shout-out to Antonio Messick for being the other player to survive his time on the Flats.


Despite the absurd amounts of attrition that came from this class, Georgia Tech saw some great players come from this class. The one that sticks out in my mind most is Butker. He certainly had some consistency issues when he arrived on the Flats, but he will be forever remembered after his 2014 season. With that, I will leave you all with my favorite memory of him.