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Position Battle Previews: B-Back

The Gang Goes Deep ♪♫♬

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

So... I think we can all say that (knocks on wood), we’re going to be good at B-back this year. Somebody tweet at Lil B to taunt him about this B-back core and bring on whatever curse he can muster up. That’s how confident I am in this group returning to the field to shoulder the burden of Georgia Tech’s offense. I’d take these guys over nearly anyone. KirVonte Benson and Jerry Howard will go down as the best combination in history to bear half of their names.

Ben(son) & Jerry(‘s)? Overpriced. Benson and Stabler? Lack of chemistry did them in. Kobe and (Dwight) Howard? Equal lack of chemistry.

Anybody got it better than us?

For starters, we have the first 1,000 yard rusher for Georgia Tech since Anthony Allen: KirVonte Benson. Penned by our own Ethan Kreager as this team’s bell cow, expect Benson to receive the majority of carries from this unit for the 2018 campaign. Benson showed an impressive ability to step into the spotlight after being named the starter a mere two weeks before the Tennessee game. With good bend, straight line speed after clearing the line of scrimmage, and a stick-to-it-iveness that at times wills him over the imaginary line-to-gain, Benson was a lot of fun to watch last year.

All that being said, I believe this unit will best be employed by reaching way back, back into time. Gotta reach back and find that 2014 mumbo-jumbo and bottle that magic once more. Show me TWO B-BACK SYSTEM:

Enter the Hype Train. Jerry Howard. Playing as a true freshman, Howard is the bruiser that we all came to know and love watching the likes of David Sims, Zach Laskey, and certain other B-backs who got replaced by this reigning duo. With 65 of his 175 yards last year coming on one play, I really foresee Howard having a bigger impact on the offense this season. He will help take some of the strain off of Benson, who was asked to carry the ball more than 200 times last season. This will hopefully make for a more consistent outcome from the group as a whole, who struggled in that aspect at times last year.

Now I won’t stop ahead of myself and call them Thunder and Lightning because I hate that cliché, but your homework this comments section is to get me a better nickname for the combination of Benson and Howard.

In addition to these two fine scholars, should one of these guys go down with an injury, there is 2017 3-star recruit Jordan Ponchez-Mason waiting in the wings. Jordan is touted for his lateral agility and good size for the B-back position, but could also be pushing the A-backs group as well this Fall. With a strong desire to get on the field and help in any way possible, should his number be called, expect Ponchez-Mason to look like a natural in the backfield.

Now with any, and I mean any, luck, this unit will easily become the backbone of team. With consistent line play, we could see the middle of the field remain a real threat in this offense. And we all know what happens when the interior run game is humming. It’ll make you think Tech went back in time to hire Ol’ Bret Bielema. We’ll look like the Wisconsin-adjacent offense we all knew we were capable of being all along.

Imagine the 2014 uga game played on in perpetuity. B-backs running rampant. And nothin’ nobody can do to stop it.