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Anree Saint-Amour and Desmond Branch Nominated for Piesman Trophy

Go vote for these two for this distinguished honor!

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Sure there’s a coaching search going on, but I’ve got some real news here. Georgia Tech has two players up for a major award.

SB Nation’s Piesman Trophy candidates have been announced, and Desmond Branch and Anree Saint-Amour are among them! If you’re curious what the Piesman Trophy is, well, according to its website: “An award for linemen who do un-lineman-like things. More specifically, it’s an award for the most impressive play in which an offensive or defensive linemen runs with, throws, or catches the ball. Any lineman from any level of college football is eligible for this honor. While the Heisman and most historic awards are reserved for players from big schools, the Piesman is a great chance to appreciate cool moments from throughout the sport.”

So, how did Branch and Saint-Amour get nominated?

It was this nice little alley-oop play from the Bowling Green game. BG’s quarterback dropped back and passed, and from there Branch was able to get his hand up. Saint-Amour got under it and ran in for the touchdown.

Now, go #VoteSaintAmourandBranch