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Underdog Dynasty Q&A: Let’s learn some more about our new head coach

We talked with someone who knows a little bit about Geoff Collins.

Houston v Temple Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

With Geoff Collins being named the next head coach of Georgia Tech, we have heard plenty of stories about Collins. Today, we’re talking with Joe Serpico, who is the Temple writer for our sister site Underdog Dynasty.

Hope you enjoy!

In doing research about Collins, we learned that he employs what is known as a SWAG Coordinator. Could you tell us a little bit about what that role entails?

SWAG stands for Specialist With Advanced Graphics. His job is to use graphic design on social media to help the program’s image. It’s a lot easier to explain visually so here’s an example of his work.

These kinds of designs, as well as video, are used on game day, in recruiting and to show the swag of the program. It’s been effective in drawing more eyes to Temple since Collins came on campus. I can’t imagine Collins being able to pluck the Temple product to come with him to GT, but I’m sure he’ll look to find someone similar for many of the reasons I said above.

Collins is obviously a defensive-minded head coach. How hands-on is he with the defense? Does he let his DC call the plays, or is it really Collins’ defense?

Collins made his mark as a defensive coordinator, but he helps in all facets of the game as a head coach. For the most part, he allows his assistants to make the calls during the game. Of course, he plays a large part into coming up with the defensive game plan, but his role was about being the ultimate motivator.

How were Temple fans handling the news of Collins potentially being on the move? We’ve had issues in the past where Tech has hired a coach and the fanbase of the school he came from was thrilled that the coach was gone. Needless to say, that hire didn’t go well.

Honestly, it’s a move that many could have felt coming. Temple, and the AAC as a whole really, has been a breeding ground for P5 coaches in the past decade as Al Golden, Steve Addazio, Matt Rhule and now Collins have all departed for P5 jobs. But to say we are thrilled he is gone would not be accurate. He did continue the winning culture and did do some special things in his short time in Philadelphia. If anything, we wish him the best, except for when he comes back to The Linc next season.

Do you expect any coordinators or position coaches to come along with Collins? If so, which ones?

At this time, we are not sure if or any of the position coaches will follow him to Atlanta. The entire staff has agreed to coach Temple’s bowl game against Duke, but it did sound at Collins’ opening press conference with Tech that some of his guys would join the staff after the bowl game.

How has Collins done in terms of recruiting at Temple?

Collins has made his mark as a coach through his relentless recruiting. Whether it be the SWAG Coordinator, drawing pictures for recruits or doing some crazy WWE stunts at practices, he’s surely brought attention to himself and Temple. Kids love to play for him. Now, it’s hard to gauge just how well he did in just a short time with the Owls. Their recruiting class did get better each year in national ranks, from 119 after taking the job, to 82 last year and 63 in the upcoming class. Now if you’re Temple, how many of those recruits are going to stick with Collins out the door? That remains to be seen.

What can we expect from Collins on the sidelines on game day? Is he more reserved or does he really get into it?

There is one thing you will never be able to say about Collins is lacking passion for the game. He has nothing but love for his kids, but come game day, he’s on fire. His energy rubs off on the entire team and you know you will see him laying into the officials a few times a game.

I’ve seen some stuff going around about a “$ Down.” Can you explain what that is?

One thing you’ve seen around the country is the turnover chain or something similar. Collins went outside of the box by letting his players write a message on a board after every turnover. As far as the “$ Down,” it is a third down play. It is no secret in football that the most crucial play on a series is third down. If you make the stop on defense, it is considered a money play. Why? Because not only have you made a big play for your team, but for yourself. That’s money.

At the end of the day, do you think this is a good hire for Georgia Tech?

I do think Tech needed someone like Collins to replace a legend like Paul Johnson. Collins already has great ties to the area, and is going to need to recruit well to match up against Georgia and the rest of the teams in the southeast. His bright mind should get the Yellow Jackets back on the right track. However, I don’t think it comes as smoothly at first as many would like. Collins has already stated he wants to go with a more traditional style of offense and go away from the option that Johnson used. It’s going to take some time for Collins to get the right players into that style of football, so hopefully they give him enough time to develop his players at Tech.

Again, a special thanks to Joe Serpico and Underdog Dynasty for answering some questions for us! See y’all in Philly next year!