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Georgia Tech Football: Nate Woody Reported to be the Next Defensive Coordinator at Georgia Tech

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It looks like Georgia Tech has a new Defensive Coordinator!

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Appalachian State Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Multiple media sources are reporting that a deal is in place for Appalachian State Defensive Coordinator Nate Woody to take the same position at Georgia Tech.

Before spending five years, Woody was previously the defensive coordinator at his alma mater Wofford. In accordance with Kelly Quinlan’s tweet above, don’t expect an official announcement until the first of the year. We probably won’t hear anything about assistant coaches until after that announcement.

We’ll update this article once we hear something official. Be sure to check out our thoughts on Nate Woody and his fit at Georgia Tech here.

What do you think of the reported Woody hire?