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POSTGAME THREAD/RECAP: Georgia Tech wins 28-22

This game is weird sometimes...

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

You know, I really don’t understand football sometimes. In a game that nobody really seemed to want to win, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets defeated the Virginia Tech Hokies 28-22.

This game started off really bad. The Yellow Jackets got the ball to open the game and threw what could have easily been a touchdown to Rickey Jeune that was either overthrown or caught in the wind. Regardless, it was just out of reach. Following that play, Georgia Tech just decided to stop blocking and was forced to punt, which Virginia Tech promptly fumbled and recovered.

With that drive, the Hokies manged to work their way down the field and take an early 3-0 lead on a field goal.

Getting the ball back, Georgia Tech responded immediately with an 8-play, 80-yard touchdown drive, highlighted by a nice 69-yard run on a misdirection by Nate Cottrell. A couple plays after that and TaQuon Marhsall was in the endzone for the Jackets.

After this, the Techs decided to see who didn’t want he ball more. Between punts and turning the ball over on downs, we went five drives without a score. Georgia Tech was driving the ball down the field in the middle of the second quarter. Virginia Tech managed to make a good stop and Tech lined up to punt. Instead of giving to Pressley Harvin III to punt, though, we ran the fake to KeShun Freeman who scampered for the first down. A few plays later, Marshall found himself in the endzone once again.

And this is where things started getting annoying. On the ensuing kickoff, the Yellow Jackets decided to not tackle anyone, and the Hokies returned it to the Yellow Jackets’ 29-yard line. A Lance Austin pass interference call later, and the Hokies were set up with 1st and 10. With a give to Sean Savoy, the Hokies were in the endzone.

Georgia Tech came out of half time ready to play. The Hokies got the ball to begin the half and were completely swarmed by the Yellow Jacket defense, going three-and-out. The Jackets got the ball back and wasted no time at all, hitting Brad Stewart for a 60-yard touchdown pass (Stewart’s first career touchdown).

With a 21-9 lead, the Yellow Jackets started to get comfortable, and things started to take a turn for the worse. On its next drive, Georgia Tech was lining up for a field goal. King lined up the shot, and it sailed just to the right of the uprights. The Hokies responded with a lengthy 12-play drive that resulted in a Jalen Houston TD run.

A few drives later, the Hokies had Georgia Tech pinned deep. After a run for no gain, Marshall rolled out to pass, and honestly, I’m not sure what he saw there. Marshall threw it, and the ball went right into the hands of Greg Stroman, who returned it for a touchdown for the Hokies.

In spite of all of the crazy things that have happened to the Yellow Jackets this season, they responded in great fashion here. On the second play of the drive, Ricky Jeune got some phenomenal separation, and Marshall saw him immediately, hitting him for an 80-yard touchdown. Paul Johnson wanted two points there, but after a couple penalties, they had to settle for the 31-yard PAT.

Virginia Tech got the ball back after this and was driving for the game-winning score. The Hokies had already converted two fourth-down conversions and were looking to convert a third. Hokies quarterback Josh Jackson had his offense lined up at the Yellow Jacket 32-yard line on 4th-and-1. Jackson took the snap and saw Cam Phillips being covered by redshirt-freshman Ajani Kerr in the endzone and took his shot. Kerr, despite all odds, got a hand in there, breaking up the pass and sealing the victory for the Yellow Jackets.

After a rough couple of weeks, the Yellow Jackets are finally back in the win column. Let’s celebrate!