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Football: Recent Signee QB Lucas Johnson on his recruitment, playing Quarterback at Georgia Tech, and more!

The San Diego native sat down with us for a few minutes to talk about his cross-country journey, his teammates, and more!

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I had the chance last week to sit down and speak with incoming QB Lucas Johnson about his recruitment, his interest in Georgia Tech, his on-field preferences, and more! Here were some of his responses:

You originally committed to San Diego State back in June, and held that commitment until January, when you changed your mind and decided to go to Georgia Tech. What was the process that occurred between that commitment and your eventual change on heart in January?

Honestly, I was pretty set on San Diego State until Georgia Tech came in. I was a little iffy at first given that it's all the way in Georgia and I wanted to stay home, but once I went out for an official visit I saw all that Atlanta had to offer. Georgia Tech also has a beautiful campus and I really bonded with the players and coaching staff out there. It was then that I decided that it might be the right decision for me to get out of San Diego and go live life and try to make a name for myself.

Did the distance between San Diego and Atlanta play into your decision at all? Is it something that worried you?

Honestly, not really. I have an aunt who lives in Alpharetta, so I'll always have family members nearby. Plus, my family is going to do their best to make it out to see me whenever they can.

Who were the coaches and players that you bonded with on campus? Were those current players or other guys in your recruiting class?

My primary recruiter was Coach Bryan Cook, and as far as bonding with players it was both current players and guys in the recruiting class. Marcus Marshall was my host on my visit -- he really showed me a great time and what a great place Georgia Tech was. I also bonded with a lot of the guys in the recruiting class and after my visit (I was still committed to San Diego State at the time), the other recruits were texting me every day and telling me how they needed me to join them. It just felt like a special group, with how we all bonded right off the bat.

Speaking of that group, do you know who you'll be rooming with when you get to campus?

I'll be rooming with Xavier Gantt, Jalen Camp, and Steve Dolphus.

Also on the topic of your teammates, how would you describe your leadership style?

I'm the type of guy who likes to lead by example. There are some leaders who yell at others a lot, but they don't really manage to walk the walk. I feel like if I'm going to be somebody, I have to show the team I'm willing to do what I tell them to do -- in the weight room, running, whatever. I want to inspire everyone to follow behind me.

Georgia Tech was your only Power-5 scholarship offer, correct? Did that play into your decision at all?

It played a little bit of a factor. I could tell that it was a different atmosphere around the program, especially with how much everyone in the area loves their football.

Beyond liking Atlanta and bonding with the coaches and players, were there any other major factors that played into your decision?

Really just the opportunity to have an academic degree from Georgia Tech was a factor. It's a prestigious degree to have, and I can't wait to be able to list that on my resume!

Do you have any plans on what you're going to major in?

Right now I'm undeclared. I think I want to do something in the business field, but for now I'm undeclared.

On more of a football-centric note, you've shown yourself to be very athletic and a strong runner for a quarterback, but also a strong passer. Do you have any preference on how much you run versus pass at the college level?

No, not really. Whatever it takes to win a game. If we have to throw the ball more or run it more, at the end of the game coming out with a victory is all that matters.

From watching your highlights on Hudl, it looks like your high school offense operated primarily out of the shotgun, although with some under-center formations thrown in. Is that an adjustment you're concerned about making at the college level?

During my early years in high school (as a freshman and a little bit as a sophomore), we were actually a triple option team, so I was under-center a lot. My junior year we did a lot more from the shotgun, and my senior year we ran entirely out of the shotgun just based on the personnel that we had. So, I've been under-center before and will be able to pick it right back up. I'm actually currently working with my QB coach (Akili Smith) on footwork for running the triple option right now, and trying to work on some of the passing routes and timing patterns.

What's something that you want Georgia Tech fans to know about you?

I'm a hard worker and I'm going to give you everything I've got. I'm going to lead us to some future championships!


Thanks again to Lucas Johnson for taking the time to speak with me! We're all looking forward to having him on campus and are excited about what he'll bring to Georgia Tech's offense in the coming years!