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Football: DB John Marvin has been kicked off the team, DE Antonio Simmons not in school

Offseason attrition has begun for the Yellow Jackets.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

With the start of spring practice, we usually find out about players who are moving positions or have departed the team. We've learned about the latter earlier today, as reported by Kelly Quinlan of JacketsOnline:

Marvin was a highly-talented defensive back who never really seemed to get much playing time since arriving to Georgia Tech back in 2013. He redshirted as a true freshman, but only played in 15 games over the past two seasons and didn't record even as much as a single tackle. Even in a season with major turnover due in the secondary, Marvin was unlikely to make it to a starter role, and doesn't take much experience with him in his departure. Still, his presence and availability would have been valued in 2016, as he likely would have seen plenty of snaps at safety or nickel corner.

Simmons is an odd case. It's not clear why it is that he isn't in school at the moment, and it's very unusual that a player would leave the team but be able to come back. Simmons is a strong pass-rushing DE who has played quite a bit as a backup in each of his first two years, even starting three games in 2015. He was likely to continue seeing considerable playing time this fall, although he was unlikely to overtake KeShun Freeman or Anree Saint-Amour for the starting role.

We'll keep you updated if we learn more about the departures of either player, as well as whether Simmons will return to the team.