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Georgia Tech Football: Honoring the Seniors - OL Bryan Chamberlain

This versatile offensive lineman has had his shares of ups and downs in his time on the Flats.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

As a Recruit

Bryan Chamberlain was a middle of the road three-star prospect coming out of Monroe High School in Albany, Ga. He was commit No. 3 for the 2011 recruiting class and didn't have any other reported FBS offers, though that likely would have changed if he had waited to commit. At the time of his commitment, he had also reportedly been receiving interest from Clemson, Georgia and Louisville. Former co-OL coach Todd Spencer led the recruitment for Chamberlain.

Chamberlain was pretty raw for a prospect at 6-foot-4, 280 pounds, reason being that he didn't start playing football until his sophomore year in high school. Prior to that, he was actually a basketball player, but was swayed to come join the football team. I'd say that worked out pretty well for him.

On the Field

As a freshman, Chamberlain redshirted as he prepared for the 2012 season. That year, he appeared in all 14 games and made one start against the Presbyterian Blue Hose (in case you forgot that that was their nickname).

The year after that was that Chamberlain came into the season as the starter at right tackle and was there for seven games before being moved down to the top back-up. He was replaced by former Georgia Tech player Chase Roberts.

Chamberlain finally started to find his groove as a redshirt junior last year as he was named the starter at left tackle. He started in every game but the Duke game and was named honorable mention All-ACC by the ACSMA.

His senior year, a lot of fans had high expectations for Chamberlain. We even mentioned him as a potential draft prospect prior to the season. Unfortunately this terrible season happened. He ended up starting just nine games at left tackle before being usurped from the position following miserable play from pretty much everybody on the offensive line. Even so, the ACSMA still named him honorable mention All-ACC.

Off the Field

Something that really surprised me at the end of the year was that Tech had two players from the offensive line named honorable mention All-ACC: Chamberlain and Freddie Burden.

While the offensive line certainly had its shortcomings this past season, I don't feel like that can be overlooked. Those two were still the best of the bunch and it was evident to the voters. Sometimes, things just don't go well.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication on the Flats, Bryan! Best of luck as your further yourself in your career!