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Football: Georgia Tech Parts Ways with Ray Rychleski

After only two years on staff, the Yellow Jackets will look to replace their Special Teams Coordinator.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Johnson announced on Monday that the program has mutually agreed to part ways with Ray Rychleski. 2015 was Rychleski's second season on staff as Special Teams Coordinator and Co-Offensive Line Coach. He took over in early 2014 following the firing of former Special Teams Coordinator Dave Walkosky. The search for his replacement will begin "immediately".

As discussed recently by FTRS, aside from a few isolated moments throughout the season, the 2015 season saw Rychleski's units generally degrade from their performances in 2014, as well as continuing to perform at levels below those previously achieved under Walkosky. Additionally, Rychleski had contributed minimally to Georgia Tech's recruiting efforts in his time, scoring only one commitment in the current recruiting class and losing a commitment from OL Trysten Hill.

If there was going to be a change on the coaching staff made this offseason, this seemed to be the obvious one. The good news is that Rychleski's departure doesn't appear to affect recruiting very much as the team dives into the heart of recruiting season over the next month. We'll keep you updated as this coaching search begins to take a little more shape in the coming days. It's unclear as to whether Coach Johnson will elect to hire another coach whose primary duties revolve around special teams (Walkosky's hire was unusual for Johnson), but we'll surely find out soon enough.