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POSTGAME THREAD: Georgia Tech Loses Second Straight to Duke 34-20

It's every bit as bad as you thought it was.

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, Georgia Tech went on the road and got beaten badly by a really good team. There were bright spots to be found.

This week, Georgia Tech went on the road and got embarrassed by a pretty average team.

The bright spots from last week are either significantly dimmer or extinguished entirely at this point.

The defense got off to a bad start, before thankfully figuring it out shortly before halftime. They were solid for the rest of the game.

The offense hardly ever got started. The offensive line was a problem. The A-Backs were a problem. The wide receivers were a problem. The play calling was a problem.

The offense had 103 rushing yards and 13 points through three quarters. Their opponent was Duke.

As much as Notre Dame may have been a mulligan, a second straight offensive output like this becomes a red flag. We're four games into the season, and it's time to start re-evaluating what this team is capable of. I don't like that any more than you do, but that's our reality at this point.

This is what we're going to get in 2015. Might as well settle in, pour another drink, and try to enjoy the ride.

FTRS Public Service Announcement: Just operate under the assumption that this thread is NSFW, for all intents and purposes.

Let's suffer together. Your forum to complain is below. Try not to kill each other.