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POSTGAME THREAD: Georgia Tech Falls to Notre Dame 30-22, Vent Your Anger Here

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The defense was outstanding in South Bend. Nothing else was even really acceptable.

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Needless to say, that game didn't go how many people thought it would.

Georgia Tech was the favorite and a popular pick to win a game on the road that would put them on the radar for a possible College Football Playoff bid.

It didn't go well.

On the bright side, the defense was largely impressive, outside of a couple of big plays that may not have even been legal anyways. The offense, for the first time in a while, was another story. The offensive line had all sorts of issues with blocking Notre Dame's defensive front, and the perimeter blocking was sub-par as well. Justin Thomas played his worst game as the starting quarterback for this team. The special teams were generally a fiasco outside of some of Jamal Golden's returns.

They were on the national stage and laid an egg. Hopefully they can recover as they enter ACC play next week.

What are your reactions, Tech fans? Worried about the trip to Durham next week?