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HALFTIME REPORT: Georgia Tech Trails Notre Dame 13-7 after Frustrating Half

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The first half didn't quite go as well as most hoped it would.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a frustrating first half in South Bend.

Georgia Tech trails Notre Dame 13-7 at the half after its offense struggled to get in rhythm and its defense largely rose to the challenge. The offense largely looked out of sync for much of the quarter, with some ineffective blocking all around and Justin Thomas not playing his best game. Harrison Butker's two missed field goals turn out to be the difference in score right now. They've also gotten no help from the referees on several calls (and non-calls), to boot.

The bright spot is that the defense has been strong, largely bottling up the Notre Dame offense except for a few big plays. The Jackets have given up a few big plays to Notre Dame WR Will Fuller, but otherwise have been solid and created two turnovers.

All in all, it's not a bad position to be in for the Jackets, but they will need to operate better on offense in the second half. There's no way around it -- the offensive line needs to be better, the A-Backs and receivers need to block a little better, and Justin Thomas needs to settle in and start executing at the level he's capable of.

How you holding up, Jacket fans?