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POSTGAME THREAD: Georgia Tech Runs Away from Tulane After Halftime, Wins 65-10

It was...a pretty good day on the Flats.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Again, we'll start one year ago.

A year ago, Georgia Tech opened Tulane's brand-spanking-new Yulman Stadium. I hadn't even found my seat yet, when Justin Thomas fumbled on the first snap of the game and gave Tulane phenomenal field position. The Green Wave gave the Yellow Jackets fits for about a half before the boys in white and gold pulled away for a 38-21 win.

This year went a little differently.

This year, Georgia Tech led by three touchdowns at halftime and had the Green Wave defense demoralized for the entire second half. The Yellow Jackets had 8 different players score a total of 9 touchdown, and things just worked for most of the game.

It felt good.

More analysis is to come, but what are your initial thoughts about the game? Happy with what you saw? Also, feel free to use this to discuss other ongoing games in the world of college football.