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Georgia Tech Football: 2015 Season Predictions

Unlike the FTRS staff's predictions from yesterday, these could actually happen!

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Joey Weaver

Georgia Tech gets off to a strong 5-0 start, including a 10-point win over Notre Dame in South Bend and a win over North Carolina at home in a shootout. They fall on the road to Clemson before winning three in a row, including a massive Homecoming win over Florida State in a nationally televised game. They fall at home to Virginia Tech in a low-scoring grinder of a game before losing on the road to Miami in Coral Gables, finishing with a 5-3 conference record. They return home and surprise georgia with a huge performance and finish the regular season at 9-3 (5-3), holding the tiebreaker over North Carolina to go to Charlotte and represent the Coastal Division. There, Georgia Tech takes revenge on the previous loss to Clemson and heads to the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl on New Year's Eve.

Benjamin Tankersley

Tech starts off the season with two games that they should win with no questions asked, but because of some inexperience, I think it'll turn out like last year and there will be some falters, but Tech will start off 2-0 going into Notre Dame in South Bend. There, both teams will come in undefeated, but Tech will have a lackluster first half that will cost them the game, despite a valiant comeback effort in the second half that will set them up for the rest of the season.

Now that Tech gets rolling, they roll through Duke and UNC without much of a problem before heading off to Clemson to take on the Tigers. With the game being in Clemson, the Tigers will be have the upper hand. It will be close, but I think Clemson wins that one just barely. Tech doesn't lose hope, though.

The next week, Tech gets right back on track with a defensive outburst against Pitt before taking on Florida State (who will probably still be trying to figure out who the QB is). Tech takes advantage and rolls right along all the way up to the last three games of the season. The Yellow Jackets are on such a roll that Virginia Tech and Miami become trap games for the Jackets. They'll lose one of those before welcoming the dwags in. In that game, uga will come out with a strong start, but our offense will wear down their defense, and Tech could win by 10.

Going into the ACC Championship at 9-3, the Yellow Jackets find themselves playing Clemson once again. Now on a neutral field, the Yellow Jackets gain the upper hand early with a couple of sustained drives and defensive stops and win, propelling them into a New Year's Six Bowl Game.

Atlanta's Original Team

Against Alcorn State and Tulane, Tech plays it close to the vest, uses a limited play book, plays as many roster players as possible and wins each game by around 17 points.

Against Notre Dame Tech comes out like it has something to prove, opens up the play book and demolishes Notre Dame 34-10. The next week Tech unloads on Duke 55-7.

The next week Tech settles back down to earth and squeezes out a hard fought 21-13 victory over UNC.

The following week is Tech's first loss, a heart breaking 23-22 loss to Clemson in which Clemson's defense keeps Tech off balance all day.

Tech follows up the next week by shaking the cob webs out with a 47-14 pummeling of Pittsburgh. This sets up the big match up with FSU in which Tech plays its most complete game of the season, clicking in all phases of the game and smothering FSU 27-10 and dropping them out of the top ten.

After this Tech beats Virginia 50-10 and enters the playoff conversation. After a bye week Tech fuels up to face a determined VPI squad and pulls of a physically demanding 31-28 victory before a delirious home crowd. Unfortunately, Tech is left emotionally spent and has trouble focusing in the next game, losing an inexplicable 20-17 game to Miami.

All eyes are on Atlanta when UGA comes to town as the two teams have identical records and the media has been playing up the renewed rivalry. Tech makes a statement early, scoring on its first three possessions and the game is never close as Tech wins 35-18.

In the rematch against Clemson for the ACC Conference Championship, Tech and Clemson add to the storied rivalry of close games and fantastic finishes as Tech wins 28-25, and makes the college football playoff.

The first round of the playoff is a dream match up that many have longed to see for some time as Tech takes on Oregon and wins one for the ages 55-54

In the National Championship game an undefeated and powerful Ohio State team ends Tech's miracle season 28-17. Tech wins the respect of some in the national media and adds to Tech lore. However, a few pundits, and even some Tech fans, complain that a more well rounded offense with more passing would have won this game. When asked about it CPJ responds that Tech is the first team from the state of Georgia to even make the playoffs.

Kieffer Milligan

Georgia Tech stumbles early against Notre Dame, but rallies to win an emotional stretch of games, including a beatdown of Duke and a statement win at Clemson. The win streak is snapped as the Jackets fall again to Florida State at home in a game where they can't stop Dalvin Cook. The remaining ACC slate is all wins, but close ones where Justin Thomas leads a late TD drive toe seal it. The team closes out the season with another thrilling overtime win against uga. After sweeping the Coastal Division, Tech faces FSU in the ACC championship game, and gets revenge, going to a new year's six bowl. The ACC is left of of the College Football Playoff. Final record before the bowl game: 11-2(8-1 ACC).


Alcorn, blowout, closer at the end than we like.

Tulane, blowout

ND, close for a while, but a 2 TD win

Duke, major embarrassing loss for Duke, blowout

UNC, high scoring shootout win.

Clemson, Clem's D fails to show up, GT wins by 20

Pitt, a shootout win

FSU, A close win late, JT heroics

UVA, blowout win

VT, close. Low scoring, but never in doubt

Miami, another shootout until late. We win

uga, tense at times, but a convincing win. 2 TDs or more

ACCCG, GT beats the Noles again.

Kevin Pate

Tech starts of 5-0 and completely dismantles Notre Dame on the road, but slips against UNC and Clemson in high scoring affairs. The Jackets go on to win their next four, but, unfortunately, fall to georgia at home and misses a shot at the playoffs. They make the ACC Championship Game in a rematch against Clemson, but win to make a New Year's Six Bowl Game. Opponent still to be determined.

Russ Johnson

After coming out hot against their first two opponents, Tech runs into a real challenge against Notre dame. They force Thomas to pass, and he makes them pay. Opening the eyes of the voters, and the bandwagon for the Jackets begins to grow after the 35-31 Victory.

After two closer than expected wins, at 5-0 with a top 10 ranking, Tech loses a Heartbreaker to Clemson, with Watson running it in as time expires on a two point conversion to win 42-41. After beating Pitt in a defensive battle 10-6, The offense lights up the Seminole D, and Tech rises to the top 5, putting on offensive clinics against UVA and VT before a crushing loss to Miami that sets the Jackets back. In an effort to again be able to say they run this state, Tech runs all over uga ,500 yards worth, in a shocking 42-17 blowout. Next is the title game everyone wanted to see, a matchup with Clemson. This time, the Jackets are able to get the stop they were unable to earlier in the year, and they win the ACC, heading to the Chick-Fil-A bowl where they will play and beat Ohio State, who disappoint the voters time and time again, 52-28.

Matt Mills

Y'all may have seen the model I built that predicts win totals by predicting the probability a team has to win each game this season, you can play around with it here: Since everything in sports is just a random number generator I took the model for a spin, what does one run of a random generator have in store this season?

Wins against Alcorn State and Tulane are followed by a loss at ND. Tech then reals off 5 straight wins before stumbling against UVA. That's right, wins against Clemson and FSU and then we lose to Virginia, gross. However even with that slip up Tech closes out the regular season with wins over Virginia Tech, Miami, and UGA. On the season Tech goes 10-2 with wins over FSU, Clemson, VaTech, Miami, and UGA. I mean, I'll take it haha. From there we obviously win the ACC Championship and back to back orange bowls, don't care who we play.

Cade Lawson

Georgia Tech gets two easy wins against Alcorn State and Tulane and then goes on to easily defeat a less-than-impressive Notre Dame team in South Bend. Duke gets blown out in spectacular fashion because revenge and such, but North Carolina makes it two wins in a row behind an amazing offense and less dreadful defense under Chizik's direction. Clemson follows suit by defeating Tech in Death Valley, but the Jackets bounce back and win versus Pitt, FSU, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Miami, and Georgia to close out the season. A return trip to the ACC Championship versus Clemson gives Tech a chance for revenge and they take it, winning the ACC crown. They finish 11-2 heading into bowl season.

Edmund Coley

Week 3 vs. Notre Dame will be pivotal for the rest of the season. If Tech wins this game, confidence will grow as they will gain more national attention. Their only loss will come from wither Clemson or Florida State and the Jackets will meet FSU in the ACC Championship Game.


Alcorn State - Georgia Tech sets a new student attendance record when Tech announces Dragon Con guest and Arrow star Stephen Amell is being brought in as a guest coach for the game. Things get awkward when, in the fourth quarter, Stardust emerges from the stands and attacks Amell. Tech rolls, and Stardust sets up a match with Amell at Survivor Series, which you can watch live on the WWE Network for just $9.99! Pick: Tech.

Tulane - Tulane fans aren't amused when well-meaning Tech fans wear beads to their tailgates. Because seriously, y'all, Mardi Gras was six months ago. Every day is not Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Tulane vows never to return to Atlanta, because you can't get a cheap drink anywhere in this damn city. Pick: Tech.

Notre Dame - Notre Dame has their quarterback named, so they're already doing way better than they did last time Tech came to South Bend. They also finish with positive rushing yards this time, which is good! Unfortunately, they give up 350, which isn't good. Pick: Tech.

Duke - Paul Johnson: "Hey, David. Remember that little war of words we had last season?"

David Cutcliffe: "Heh, sure do, Paul. All water under the bridge now, right?"

PJ: "Sure is, Dave. Sure is."

Johnson leans in close and whispers in Cutcliffe's ear: "I'm gonna whip your ass for what happened last year, Dave. #BelieveIt."

Pick: Tech.

UNC Paul Johnson leans over to Ted Roof. "Hey Ted, you remember last year, when someone ran up 48 points on your defense? *points to Larry Fedora* It was him. He did it."

Ted Roof mauls Fedora in a blind fury, and Tech's defense follows suit by mauling Marquise Williams. Paul Johnson never forgets.  Pick: Tech.

Clemson - Worried about Deshaun Watson tearing another ACL, Clemson secretly replaces him with an android that only looks like Watson. Tech's defense full of humans is no match Robo-Watson's inhuman precision. 8-ball the Tiger is caught trying to smoke part of Howard's Rock. Pick: Clemson.

Pitt - At the team hotel the night before the game, the team is treated to a surprise banquet! However, Broderick Snoddy notices that the hamburgers - despite supposing to come from the Varsity - appear to consist of Saltine paste for buns and Tang balls for meat. The chef pulls off his hood, revealing himself to be Spilly. "IT'S ME, JOHNSON! IT WAS ME ALL ALONG!"

At the actual game, James Conner runs for a lot - like, a lot a lot - and Tech's defense chooses this game as the one to lay an egg. Pitt takes the victory and the media begins openly salivating about a potential 6-way tie in the ACC Coastal. (Even they know Virginia has no chance.) Pick: Pitt.

FSU - Bobby Dodd Stadium is LIT for Tech's first sellout in years. Justin Thomas and co. put on a clinic while Everett Golson and the Noles can't quite keep up. Tech wins a thriller and avenges last year's ACC championship loss. We all finally realize the words to FSU's War Chant are "Whyyyyyyy ain't y'all talkiiiiiiiiin'/'Bouuuuuuuuut the Seminooooooooooles?". Pick: Tech.

Virginia - You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A dimension where five star recruits enter but never leave, where everyone cosplays as Thomas Jefferson, and teams turn the ball over five times but still win by double digits. You are entering.... the Twilight Zone. Otherwise known as Charlottesville, Virginia. Tech plays a characteristically bizarre performance, but comes away with the victory when the Cavaliers take a knee to end the game.... despite being behind. The last shot of the game is the camera slowly panning away from Scott Stadium as Mike London screams "It's not fair! There was time now!" Pick: Tech.

Virginia Tech - Virginia Tech has a Fuller. Virginia Tech has Frank Beamer. Virginia Tech has Bud Foster. Is this 2015 or 2005? I swear, Blacksburg exists at a fixed point in time. The only college football team that has to travel by TARDIS arrives at the right time and place for the game but things go awry when Michael Brewer throws a ball that is so far off target it actually tears a hole in time and space. The referees, unsure of what to do as this situation isn't covered in the rulebook, call an audible and issue a crucial 15 yard penalty for improper use of spatial anomalies - a call that ultimately affects the outcome of a Techmo Bowl for the ages in Tech's favor. Meanwhile, out in the far reaches of space, a football appears out of nowhere and strikes a Dalek right in its eye stalk. The Daleks start formulating a plan to exterminate the Hokies..... Pick: Tech.

Miami - Sun Life Stadium has changed their chair color from a warming orange to a cooling aqua, so all those empty seats for the Hurricanes' home games are now much easier on the eyes. Brad Kaaya continues channeling the spirit of the still not dead interception machine Jacorry Harris and the Canes' running troubles post-Duke Johnson are immediately evident. Post game, media are unsuccessful in provoking a "bye, Felicia!" from Paul Johnson. Pick: Tech.

georgia - The media has made roughly a million jokes about Nick Chubb, most of them implying his playing gives them erections. Paul Johnson's second favorite place to punch people - after the face - is the dick. I think you can see where this is going. Pick: Tech.

How do y'all think this season turns out?