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Georgia Tech Football: 2015 Season Bold Predictions

With the season just days away, what better to do than make predictions that more than likely are not gonna happen?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Here at FTRS, we love to make baseless predictions that, while not very meaningful, can give us hope and something to talk about. So instead of rambling on some more about this, let's go ahead and jump into things with some bold predictions from our fearless leaders!

Joey Weaver

  • Justin Thomas will not be Georgia Tech's leading rusher. Either Patrick Skov or Marcus Marshall will lock down the B-Back job and have a breakout type of season, becoming the first B-Back to go for over 1,000 yards since Anthony Allen's 1,300+ in 2010. With increased emphasis being put on him with defensive game plans, Thomas will fall short of 1,000 yards and yield the title of "leading rusher" to one of his teammates.

Benjamin Tankersley

  • Georgia Tech will have at least three true freshman starting by the end of the season, with one coming on offense and one on defense. The offense already has one of their starters in Brad Stewart, and now that he's got the job, he isn't going to give it up very easily. Also on offense, watch out for Marcus Marshall. On defense, look for AJ Gray to unseat Demond Smith in the strong safety role by the end of the season. Smith is a solid player, but Gray is going to be breathing down his neck the whole season.

Now that those two are out of the way, let's move on to the rest of the staff!

Atlanta's Original Team

  • My season's bold prediction (spoiler alert) is that Tech goes 10-2 in the regular season, with losses to Clemson and Miami, but wins the ACC and the CFPNC.

Kieffer Milligan

  • Marcus Marshall rushes for 1000 yards, and has a key TD in the win over uga.
  • Marcus Marshall wins ACC Rookie of the Year
  • The defense breaks the team record for sacks in a single season.
  • Jabari Hunt-Days is the ACC Defensive Player of the year.


  • Skov and Marshall each have 800+ yards, Snoddy and JT right behind. JT passes for 2000+.
  • No GT players on All ACC 1st team, but JT wins Heisman.
  • Mark Richt gets fired.

Russ Johnson

  • uga goes 6-6 Richt gets fired and goes back to being a bartender.
  • Tech loses only one game, and wins the ACC championship. Gets left out of playoff.
  • Tech' success leads them to a top 20 recruiting class, including several top SEC targets.
  • Ohio State loses 3 games this year, and Alabama loses 4.
  • Ole miss wins the SEC West even after losing to Memphis.
  • Wait for it...... South Carolina wins the SEC East.
  • Navy has more wins than Notre Dame.
  • Florida wins more games than LSU.
  • Adoree' Jackson wins the Heisman trophy over Justin Thomas.
  • Al Golden fired during the season.
  • Urban Meyer retires out of no where after the season, leaving none other than P.J. Fleck (former OSU assistant) to replace him.

Matt Mills

  • Tech has two 1000 yard rushers as JT is able to take a backseat this season and let the offense work. Patrick Skov wins ACC OPOY.

Cade Lawson

  • Justin Thomas finishes third in the Heisman voting behind Trevone Boykin and some other crazy upstart player that no one saw coming.
  • Tech has a thousand-yard rusher and thousand-yard receiver.


  • Media worship of Nick Chubb spirals so far out of control he becomes the central figure of a small but fervent cult. Chubb himself denies any association with this cult - not just because it's weird as hell, but because accepting leadership of the cult would be an NCAA violation.
  • Georgia Tech wins the ACC but does not make the CFP. When asked about it, the committee cites a rule saying "No schools running gimmick high school offenses are allowed." The committee refuses to show where in the rules it actually says that.
  • Rutgers is kicked out of the Big Ten. No one notices.
  • After all this pressure to expand back to twelve and re-establish a championship game, the Big 12 is desperate to add anyone. So they add Houston, and.... North Dakota State. The Big 12 not only didn't learn to not schedule NDSU, they added them to the league. The Bison don't miss a beat from moving up and dominate for the next decade.
  • Midway through the season, Oregon debuts active camouflage uniforms. Technically, these don't violate any rules, and the Ducks literally run past the rest of their Pac-12 schedule, because seriously, how do you defend against an opponent you can't see?
  • The SEC, worried about its members beating each other up and preventing the league from putting a team in the playoff, attempt to create a College of Faith like school whose football team consists of the best players from each school. They roll everyone, but 20 years later, when the NCAA investigation is finally complete, their punishment is to void all the SEC's national titles and to abolish the league.
  • Hulk Hogan shows up at a South Alabama game, refusing to believe "USA" really stands for University of South Alabama, no, really Hulk, that's what it stands for. "Look, brother, God sent me and these 24 inch pythons to cheer for the red, the white, and the blue of USA. Now watcha gonna doooooo, when Jaguarmania runs wild on you???" He then rips off his shirt and poses for the crowd. Hulk Hogan never breaks character, brother.
  • Florida does not make a bowl game. There's nothing bold about that prediction, but watching Spencer Hall spiral into depression is a sight to behold.
  • Georgia Southern wins the Sun Belt again, but no one shows up for their bowl game because they're still blitzed from celebrating the end of finals.
  • Boise State steamrolls its schedule and makes the playoff. Look, I wanted to make one prediction that was bold and wasn't a joke, okay?

Edmund Coley

  • Marcus Marshall will gain a lot of attention as one of the top runningbacks in the conference and will contend for ACC Rookie of the Year honors.

Josh Brundage

  • These are bold predictions, so I'm actually not going to predict a regular season loss for the Yellow Jackets. After a 12-0 regular season with wins over 4 top-15 teams, Georgia Tech beats a resurgent Louisville in the ACCCG to make the playoffs at 13-0.
  • However, they lose to TCU in the Orange Bowl in a shootout, simultaneously introducing the nation to the flexbone and pulling in a top 15 recruiting class the following year. TCU will go on to win the national title.
  • Elsewhere in the nation, Georgia platoons 2 lackluster quarterbacks all season and finishes the regular season at 8-4. They still win the East and upset Auburn in a rematch for the SECCG and prevent an SEC team from playing in the playoffs.
  • Alabama loses their third straight Sugar Bowl. Tech finishes 2015 ranked as the #3 team in the nation.

Andrew Chau

  • Every SEC team goes 6-6, ESPN still predicts 4 of them to make the playoffs.

Edit: So I goofed when I made this post and forgot the bold predictions of our very own Tyler Duke, so here are the predictions from Tyler.

Tyler Duke

  • Virginia Tech once again proves they're the best team in the nation by knocking off #1 Ohio State.
  • Oregon loses at least 4 games.
  • UGA beats Alabama but loses to Tennessee.
  • Justin Thomas runs for over 200 yards in 2 separate games.
  • The SEC doesn't get a team in the playoff. The south is burned down

What are your bold predictions for the season?