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Georgia Tech Football: The Midpoint

Let's just check in and see how everyone's holding up.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

If you're like me and consider the college football offseason to be comparable to a desert, it was back on April 17 that we departed the spring football oasis and embarked on a four-and-a-half month sprint toward the next life-sustaining college football season. It was then over a month later, on May 26, when we began our 100 Days to Kickoff series, hoping to help shepherd you all through such a slow time of the year. We brought you some fiery #takes during Opinion Week, we counted down the very best moments of last season with the Top Ten Plays from 2014, and just yesterday we brought you the last of our 2015 Position Group Previews.

The good news? We've reached the midpoint of our 100 Days to Kickoff. (It was actually yesterday. Scheduling articles is hard. Deal with it.)

The better news? We've got a lot more sweet #content headed your way to get you ready for the season. We still have to preview all of Georgia Tech's 2015 opponents, preview the conference, tell you which individuals you should really be keeping an eye out for this fall, and make some hilariously bold predictions.

And none of that even includes the particularly special and awesome preview piece we've got headed your way tomorrow morning. (I believe that's what's referred to as a teaser.)

So, keep your browser tuned to FTRS as we keep breaking down this fall and getting you ready to rock. We're halfway there.

But, for now, how's everyone holding up? Normally we'd have things such as "competitive MLB teams" to keep us busy at this time of year, but unfortunately that's not quite the case. What's the most football-desperate you've gotten? Go on any neat trips? Gotten those season tickets squared away? Let's treat this as your "football withdrawal support group".