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Georgia Tech Football: NFL Draft & Graduation Saturday Open Thread!

It's a big day for a number of our former students & athletes!

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

With no NFL Draft action involving any of Georgia Tech's prospects on the first two days, day 3 figures to be the big day for Shaq Mason, DeAndre Smelter, Darren Waller, and possibly more! If you're watching the Draft on Saturday, check in here and let us know who you think will take each prospect! Might a team trade up to get one of these players? Is there a chance that a single team drafts multiple of them? It's Day 3, and the last four rounds of the Draft tend to be as unpredictable as any. Good luck to our prospects!

Additionally, today is graduation day at Georgia Tech! Congratulations to all of the newest alumni of the Institute! Some of the hardest four (or five, or six, or...) years of your life are now over, and it's time to reap the rewards of "getting out". Congratulations to all! Feel free to post graduation photos in the comments here too.

Where will Georgia Tech's prospects be drafted today, and by who?