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Georgia Tech Football: Official Post-Spring Depth Chart Released

As we head into the summer, here's an official look at where each position stands in terms of the depth chart.

Where's Dennis Andrews?
Where's Dennis Andrews?
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

At this time of year, we can speculate all we want on how players fit into the depth chart. However, there's nothing quite as good as getting it straight from the horse's mouth. Yesterday, Georgia Tech released its official post-spring depth chart. Let's take a look:


Position First String Second String
QB Justin Thomas Tim Byerly
BB Marcus Allen Patrick Skov
AB Broderick Snoddy Clinton Lynch
AB Isaiah Willis Qua Searcy
WR Micheal Summers Antonio Messick
WR Ricky Jeune Brandon Oliver
LT Bryan Chamberlain Trey Klock
LG Trey Braun Eason Fromayan
C Freddie Burden Andrew Marshall
RG Shamire Devine Gary Brown
RT Errin Joe Jake Stickler

The only major surprise here was the omission of Dennis Andrews at A-Back. Andrews is a veteran in the group and seemed the heir apparent to one of the starter positions vacated after last season. Snoddy, predictably, gets the other one, but Andrews is nowhere to be found on this depth chart. Could it be that he's been passed up? Or maybe this is meant for motivation? Or could this even just be a typo?

The other item of note is Bryan Chamberlain being slotted at left tackle, where reports in camp (and the spring game) had him playing guard. At the end of the day, the coaches likely want to have the best five players out there.


Position First String Second String
DE KeShun Freeman Antonio Simmons
DT Adam Gotsis Jabari Hunt-Days
NT Patrick Gamble Francis Kallon
DE Rod Rook-Chungong Kenderius Whitehead
SLB Tyler Marcordes Terrell Lewis
MLB Anthony Harrell Beau Hankins
WLB P.J. Davis Domonique Noble
CB Chris Milton Lynn Griffin
SS Demond Smith Shaun Kagawa
FS Jamal Golden Lawrence Austin
CB D.J. White Step Durham

No big surprises here, although it is noteworthy that the defense was listed in terms of a pure 4-3, as opposed to a 4-2-5 look that it was listed at last year. Right now, there's no telling if that indicates a slight philosophical shift towards more of a traditional 4-3 base as opposed to a 4-2-5 nickel look, but it would certainly be surprising given the quality and depth of the secondary.

If there's a noticeable surprise, it's Jabari Hunt-Days being placed where he is -- second string, behind Adam Gotsis. Chances are that this is for two reasons -- motivation for the player, and defense against the media making uninformed statements just in case things don't work out in the classroom this summer. ("Georgia Tech Loses Starting DL" sounds a lot worse than "Georgia Tech Loses Senior DL". Petty, but that's all I can think of.)

Overall, this looks to be a very experienced and talented unit, perhaps the most of any unit in Coach Johnson's tenure.

Special Teams

Position First String
K Harrison Butker
P Ryan Rodwell
Holder Ryan Rodwell
Long Snapper Sean Tobin
Trevor Stroebel

Again, no real surprises here. The only item of note is the lack of an obvious contingency plan if either Butker or Rodwell were to get injured. That hasn't been an issue yet, and hopefully continues not to be, but is something to be aware of.

Any eye-raisers for you on this depth chart? About what you expected? Are there any true freshmen you think could make the two-deep?