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Georgia Tech Football: OLs Nick Brigham & Michael Preddy Leave Football Team, Benson Delays Enrollment

After having one scholarship too many, the Jackets are now two under the limt.

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Following Patrick Skov's transfer and the presumed eligibility this fall for Jabari Hunt-Days, the Yellow Jackets were left with 86 players on scholarship -- one more than would be allowed for the beginning of games this fall. Questions about which player would depart the team prior to the fall have been answered.

Reports are that rising redshirt freshman Michael Preddy has elected to depart Georgia Tech's football. Following spring practice, the offensive tackle was low on the depth chart, struggling to keep pace with those in his own signing class, such as Jake Stickler and Trey Klock, and even the younger Will Bryan. Preddy redshirted in the fall of 2014 as a true freshman, never making the field as he learned Georgia Tech's offense. Ken Sugiura reported that CPJ "believed that Preddy was going to stop playing football and enroll at the College of Charleston," in his hometown.

Nick Brigham's departure from the team comes as a result of concussions. From Suguira:

"It’s something that was ongoing," Johnson said of his recurring concussions. "He had had several and I think after consultation with his family, he just decided it wasn’t worth the risk. I agree with him. He’s probably making the right decision."

These two early departures mark the third and fourth since the end of the 2014 season, joining graduated seniors DL Chaz Cheeks and OL Thomas O'Reilly (each of whom had a year of eligibility remaining).

Also affecting the scholarship count is the delayed enrollment of A-back KirVonte Benson. Due to a torn ACL Benson suffered in the high school playoffs last season, Benson has elected to wait until Spring 2016 to enroll at Georgia Tech, where he will start at the same time as quarterback Jaylend Ratliffe.

Georgia Tech now has 83 scholarships committed for the 2015 season, and that number includes Jabari Hunt-Days should he peform well enough academically this summer to regain his scholarship.

We wish the best of luck to Nick Brigham and Michael Preddy in any of their future endeavors! Can't wait to see you in January KirVonte!