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Georgia Tech Football: White Team Wins Spring Game 21-0, Not Much Was Learned

Georgia Tech won, as did the fans, and nobody got hurt!

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

In was a rainy day and night in Atlanta, but Georgia Tech's spring football game went on Friday night. Here are some quick takeaways from the game:

  • There were major concerns coming in (and rightfully so) about B-Back depth following the injuries of C.J. Leggett and Quaide Weimerskirch in Spring Practice. Marcus Allen was slotted to start after originally being recruited as a B-Back before moving to linebacker for a couple of years (and, more recently, wide receiver). Allen had a solid game, with a couple of carries going for significant gains and a couple of receptions that ended well too.
  • A-Back Isaiah Willis may be a walk-on, but he has a real chance of being in the regular rotation this fall at the very least -- and there could be potential to see him starting at times. Willis did a great job throughout the game, both with the ball and without it. Clinton Lynch did a really nice job as well in some spots and should see significant playing time this fall.
  • There's a pretty clear lack of chemistry between the quarterbacks and receivers (including wide receivers and A-Backs). Lots of passes were thrown near a receiver, close enough to where it was a good pass but to a slightly different spot than the receiver planned on being in. Chemistry could very well be what makes or breaks the passing game this fall.
  • Backup QB Tim Byerly was impressive for the most part, both throwing and running the ball well. He's likely one of the best backup quarterbacks in the entire country.
  • Starting QB Justin Thomas was in a non-contact jersey. He was running a spread option offense that requires him to run the ball. It was weird.
  • No, but seriously. It was really weird. If Joshua Nesbitt was watching, he was probably judging.
  • The first team offense was just okay in general and had some good and bad moments. Replacing the skill position players that were lost isn't going to be a totally automatic and instantaneous thing, and that's to be expected. In general, the team needs a bit more chemistry and confidence on offense.
  • Jabari Hunt-Days showed a lot of the potential and ability we've heard about, consistently proving to be a handful to block. The tandem of him and Adam Gotsis should be pretty terrifying for opponents this fall. KeShun Freeman had some nice plays as well, as did Pat Gamble and Antonio Simmons. For the first time in a number of years, you could actually see Georgia Tech's defensive line as a strength this fall.
  • Terrell Lewis and Jalen Johnson were a couple of guys who really stood out as young guys that made an impact. Johnson in particular was playing in his first game since August 2013 after he tore his ACL early in his senior year of high school. Both made a few tackles for a loss and executed assignments well.
  • The first-team offense had some success passing the ball against the first-team defense, but that shouldn't be taken as a criticism of the coverage. The coverage in general was pretty good, regardless of the success had against it.
  • Both the first- and second-team defenses were very encouraging. The second-team defense in particular yielded very little yardage and no points, likely a testament to the depth there as compared to that of the offense.

In general, the conditions weren't great for a football game, and there were no real stakes beyond the individual level. Feel free to draw loose conclusions, but also accept that this game told us basically nothing about what we should expect to see in 2015.

What were your spring game takeaways? Did anyone jump out at you as particularly impressive?