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Georgia Tech Football: ESPN Ranks Head Coaching Job #7 in ACC, #41 Nationally

There's been some commentary on Georgia Tech's job we should discuss.

"You see, I think my job's pretty good."
"You see, I think my job's pretty good."
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, ESPN's Travis Haney ranked the Power-5 schools by how desirable each school's head coaching position was, listing out factors working for and against each. (Link requires subscription.) Out of 65 Power-5 schools, the head coaching job at Georgia Tech was ranked 41st, with the school and program referred to in the article as "a souped-up Northwestern". It discusses the duplicity of academic restrictions combined with a highly fertile recruiting territory. They speak positively of the program given its restrictions, saying "Georgia Tech might be second only to Stanford in terms of overcoming admissions with style of play."

Among 14 ACC schools (not counting Notre Dame), Georgia Tech is ranked dead in the middle at #7 by the ACC Blog team. (This link doesn't require subscription.) They're ranked higher than the likes of Pitt and Duke, but lower than UNC and Louisville. (Mysteriously, NC State is rated as a better job nationally by 1 spot, but a worse job in the conference by 2 spots. Different strokes...)

Here are the overall rankings for the ACC as well as the relative rankings nationally:

Team ACC National
Florida State 1 1
Clemson 2 2
Louisville 3 4
Miami 4 3
Virginia Tech 5 5
North Carolina 6 6
Georgia Tech 7 8
Virginia 8 10
NC State 9 7
Pittsburgh 10 9
Duke 11 13
Boston College 12 11
Syracuse 13 12
Wake Forest 14 14

Whatever ESPN says, Georgia Tech is #1 in our hearts.

See anything screwy there? Agree with the jobs rated higher than that of Georgia Tech?