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Georgia Tech Football: Could Georgia Southern Hire Mike Sewak?

Georgia Southern's former head coach had some success in his short stint with the Eagles.

Todd Bennett/Getty Images

With Willie Fritz heading from Georgia Southern to Tulane, the Eagles will be working quickly to replace him. Most people think that Georgia Southern will be wanting to stay with a similar offense, which makes me think of a potential head coach on Georgia Tech's very own staff: offensive line coach Mike Sewak.

Following Paul Johnson's departure from the Eagles, they hired Sewak to be the head coach. He had some success, though not quite what Southern was looking for, which resulted in the Eagles firing him four years later in favor of Brian Van Gorder. Sewak lasted four years and had a record of 35-14 that came with three playoff trips in four years, but no championships.

Sewak's last game for the Eagles was very memorable for all of the wrong reasons. In a first-round playoff game, the Eagles faced off against then-FCS Texas State. Late in the third quarter, the Eagles led 35-16. And then everything fell apart. Texas State went on to score five unanswered touchdowns en route to what read as a blowout, with a final score of 50-35. It was the hair that broke the camel's back and Sewak was fired just days later.

So why would they want to bring him back?

Well, because they weren't that bad when Sewak was the head man. In their final year together, the Eagles offense averaged 470 yards and 38 points per game. And while I'm no Southern fan, I'm sure most wonder what would have happened if they didn't fire Sewak and bring in Brian Van Gorder.

Another thing that I feel like works in favor of Sewak is the fact that he's gotten even more experience under Paul Johnson now. After taking a few years off, he followed Paul Johnson to Georgia Tech and has been coaching the Yellow Jackets' offensive line ever since.

Granted, we as Tech fans have certainly had our issues with the offensive line, especially this year. But the fact remains, Sewak was a good head coach previously at Southern, and I believe he is fully capable of doing that again.

While Georgia Southern may or may not poach someone from Tech's staff, I do think one thing is certain. They will want to keep something close to what they have in terms of offense. On Tech's staff, that looks like Mike Sewak or another option in QB/BB coach Bryan Cook, a young up-and-comer. Outside of Tech's staff, the Eagles could look to Kennesaw State's head coach Brian Bohannon, a former Paul Johnson disciple.

Would Southern be interested in someone from Tech's staff?