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"Miracle on Techwood Drive" T-Shirts Now Available!

After being part of an iconic moment in Georgia Tech history, be part of a monumental day in FTRS history!

Gameday Depot

Introducing the first-ever t-shirt specifically designed for From the Rumble Seat and its readers! We've worked in conjunction with SB Nation's preferred apparel distributor, Gameday Depot, to design and produce these commemorative (and stylish) shirts for our community to enjoy.

These shirts come in either white or grey (as seen above), and in both standard t-shirt and ladies' v-neck styles! You can check out plenty of customization options and pricing by visiting, or by going directly to the link below:

A quick FAQ on these shirts:

Q: Do I have to buy one of these to continue reading FTRS?

A: Not necessarily, but we can't promise that your FTRS experience will be enhanced by not wearing one of these.

Q: Georgia Tech lost to Virginia last week. Are we really sure the Miracle on Techwood Drive actually happened?

A: Abso-freakin'-lutely it did. (And we'd be remiss as fans if we didn't dwell on the happy points of this season.)

Q: I have all sorts of questions and comments regarding these comfortable-and-stylish shirts. Where should I direct them?

A: Great question! Post them here, post them on the Facebook post that you got here from, send them in via Twitter to @FTRSBlog, or send them via email to!

Q: Will everyone be wearing these at football games the rest of this season?

A: Of course they will. We'd recommend wearing over the top of a long-sleved shirt or hoodie, in the case that you're having to deal with the cold.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Otherwise, enjoy!